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As you know from this post I recently received every flavor of Teeccino's Caffè --thank you boyfriend, your obsessive drive to stop me from drinking coffee is clear as day and has resulted in a fun taste testing series of blog posts!

Box of Teeccino Merch!

Packs upon packs of "CoffTea"

My First Trial

French Roast Herbal Coffee
In my previous post I explained this herbal coffee is noted with intense, deep coffee notes from roasted ramon nuts... The ingredients include: Organic carob, organic barley, organic chicory, organic ramon nuts, and natural coffee flavor.

Here's what else I wrote:
I boiled almost two cups of water and allowed the tee-bag to steep for a good bit; probably 3-4 minutes. At first it was very light and I was concerned I put too much water... but after steeping awhile, it got super dark and I was excited to take a sip!

I drink my coffee black, so I'll be drinking Teeccino black, too. Here are my thoughts.. I think the chicory is a little too over powering(?) I'm not 100% positive, since I'm have no idea what ramon nuts are or how they taste, so I'll definitely give this one another chance, but it's not an instant favorite. It definitely has the standard "tea" taste, which some might describe as "watery coffee" due to the natural coffee flavor that is snuck in there.

I'm stoked it's caffeine-free though, and I'm stoked it's all organic and free of the acidity typical coffee has.. I definitely need to work on my pH level, and I think I'm on my way with this "Cofftea" ..I have left-over -- so I'll try it over ice tomorrow:)
Here's the deal... it is what it is -- literally; this French Roast is exactly what it is: intense, deep "coffee" notes --which is why I'm tasting the chicory or cichorium intybus, which is also referred to as coffeeweed, and more commonly known as endive or radicchio, etc. The root of the chicory plant is long and thick, like the tap-root of the dandelion, and when dried, roasted, and ground, it makes for a coffee substitute... and this French Roast definitely boasts the cichorium intybus coffee substitute, much as the regular French Roast boasts the coffee bean and its bold flavors.  

Remember I said I had left overs and would have it over ice tomorrow?

Well, it's tomorrow, and I tried it... it was definitely better hot than it was cold. To salvage it, I added cinnamon and took a swig. Still not that great... so I added some almond milk and it was way better than my first cold sip, but still not enjoyable for jenjen.

Here's the deal.. it tastes like herbal tea, not herbal coffee! In fact, it specifically tastes like the herbal tea I drink when I'm on the Master Cleanser--and my taste buds are not having it! I can't do it..--er I just don't want to do it, so the French Roast is definitely not a favorite. Probably because of the boldness I described above.

I'm thinking I'm just not a fan of Chicory.. Does that mean I'm not going to like any of the flavors?! I sure hope not.. we'll find out soon enough; stay tuned!!

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