You've Got Mail!

I LOVE receiving mail!

When ever someone checks the mail, I eagerly ask, "Anything for me!?" All my bills are online, so there's really no such thing as "bad mail" in my snail mail box! Not to mention, I pimp myself out here in the Blogosphere when it comes to giveaways or contests, and it just so happens to pay off because I've won quite a few!!

Megan from Muncher Cruncher is a certified Personal Trainer who writes about working out and awesome food, hosts monthly playlist giveaways that I happen to win one month! A cherry one, too because it included six months of playlist giveaways!! Score:)

Orange & Blue!! Love her even more!!
If you guys know me at all, you know I am obsessed with music and my life literally revolves around music--there is always music playing, and it is my therapy of choice when having a bummer day.

Music for days! Thanks Megs!

I am ALWAYS jonesing for NEW MUSIC... My dream is to go around snatching people's playlists to broaden my musical horizons and avoid the inevitable music ruts we can sometimes find ourselves in. I love old, new, alternative, rock, metal, country, meditative, EVERYTHING! I'm so excited right now!

Thank you Megan for being so awesome and hosting these giveaways so I could win! There is nothing better than music that get's your body moving, and that's exactly what I've got...

Ohh yeah, over 100 awesome songs here!
Thanks again girlie!!


My girl Chelsea, author of Clean Eating Chelsea had a giveaway not too long ago after receiving some goodies from Teeccino and was sweet to share her loot... I was one of the winners and my boyfriend was thoroughly interested in this Caffeine-Free "Coffee Tea" --We both hadn't heard of this invention before, and of course I was excited and boasted about it and well, look what I received in the mail today!

You're all probably thinking, "Aww, what a sweet boyfriend!" He literally bought EVERY FLAVOR of "cofftea" and YES--beyond sweet! But people? He didn't get this Royalty Package out of love, he got it to get his woman off coffee!! This is how strongly he wants me off of coffee!! LOL! Perhaps it is out of love depending on your opinion of coffee.

I L-O-V-E coffee... I start every morning with a piping hot cup of joe and I enjoy every sip--even if I don't finish it, I am thankful for every sip. This is actually why it has taken me this long to finally try this "Cofftea" ...because I wanted to use the one tee-bag wisely--and more importantly strategically!

Now that I literally have every flavor, I am excited to begin my journey of judging Teeccino's merch, and I figure I'll share my opinion(s) with you! Surely, if I transition from the coffee bean to an herbal coffee, you can too, so if this is something you're interested in let me know! 

This afternoon I was craving some coffee and needed a pick me up but was too wrapped up in my work to stop and get a cup. Before I knew it, it was after 5PM and it truly became a perfect opportunity to try my first victim: French Roast; Organic Dark Roast. This herbal coffee is noted with intense, deep coffee notes from roasted ramon nuts... The ingredients include: Organic carob, organic barley, organic chicory, organic ramon nuts, and natural coffee flavor.

I boiled almost two cups of water and allowed the tee-bag to steep for a good bit; probably 3-4 minutes. At first it was very light and I was concerned, thinking I blew it by putting too much water... but after steeping it got super dark and I was excited to take a sip!

I drink my coffee black, so I'll be drinking my Teeccino black, too. Here are my thoughts.. I think the chicory is a little too over powering(?) I'm not 100% positive, since I'm have no idea what ramon nuts are or how they taste, so I'll definitely give this one another chance, but it's not an instant favorite. It definitely has the standard "tea" taste, which some might describe as "watery coffee" due to the natural coffee flavor that is snuck in there.

I'm stoked it's caffeine-free though, and I'm stoked it's all organic and free of the acidity typical coffee has.. I definitely need to work on my pH level, and I think I'm on my way with this "Cofftea" ..Thank you boyfriend!! ..And thank you Chelsea! Because with out you girl, we wouldn't even know about Teeccino!

PS: I have left-over -- so I'll try it over ice tomorrow:)

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Suz and Allan said... [Reply]

I love getting mail too! I'm anxious to hear what you think about this coffee/tea stuff. Keep me posted dear!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said... [Reply]

Yay for mail! The coffee/tea sounds really interesting. I think it would probably taste pretty similar if you used milk/sugar, maybe?

Muncher Cruncher said... [Reply]

I'm SO glad you liked the new tunes!! You are awesome Jenn! :) and HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!!! xoxoxo

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