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Today is my birthday, and it's just not a typical birthday. I'm lucky to be alive--and so is my Mom! For as long as I can remember I have always blown off my "Miracle Baby Story" as no big deal. However, after I read this blog post from my friend Cait, I was completely inspired, motivated, and on fire to get involved, and most of all, share my story.

Not quite 30 years ago, my Mom found out she was pregnant, yay! However, when her blood work came back she learned she was a "high-risk pregnancy" because of her Rh Factor and potential complications could come of this. Her doctor was concerned and wanted to perform an Amniocentesis to learn more about the baby, thinking I may have been breached, or worse, have Spina bifida. My Mom refused to have the Amniocentesis as she was adamant about having this baby (imwah!).. With or with out potential and scary complications new Mothers don't want to think about.

My Mom continued with her regular check-ups as usual, with no complications up until she thought her water broke at 24 weeks. The Doctors were able to stop the false labor; however it was then my Mom learned she had Placenta praevia.

She was then restricted to bed rest in the hospital for the remainder of her pregnancy and actually had two more false labors during this stay. She said this was when she starting writing, and she just wrote, and wrote...and wrote some more in spiral notebooks..

At 4:30 in the morning, and the beginning of week 27 of my Mom's pregnancy with me, I wanted OUT! The Doctors couldn't stop this labor like the first few times, and my stubborn personality was already shining through. The Doctors immediately prepared for a C-Section because of the Placenta praevia, but on the way they saw my head crowning!

My Mom was struggling with a lot of issues herself, and almost passed out from shock, but still pushed, and pushed, and PUSHED, as they coached her through what ended up being a successful labor. At 6:12AM I came barreling into this world and my vulnerability was immediately tended to.

Born in week 27, at a whopping 2lbs, 7oz, and 16in, I stayed in an incubator with my eyes covered under a bili light.

Unfortunately Mom and Dad couldn't touch me because my skin was so thin, it would sting otherwise, and couldn't keep me warm quite yet. I had no gag refluxes, and was fed through a tube down my throat. I had roughly, a 10% chance of surviving and all my Parents could do was read my chart..

I was progressing everyday, though, and gained weight collectively as the days passed. About three weeks later I was able to transfer from the Children's Hospital back to my Mom's regular hospital where I no longer needed to be in an incubator, could breath natural air on my own, and gained my gag refluxes.

The Doctors were amazed, as my lunges, and eyes, and ears, and everything else was perfectly fine. I had all ten fingers, and all ten toes, with no deformities. It was a miracle. My Mom said she could see Heaven in my vibrant big blue eyes, and even today, calls me her Miracle Baby:)

When I finally reached 3lbs, I was released to go home as all I needed at this point was love from my family. My Parents were astonished at this incredible news, and were scared to take such a small person home with them!

All I did was sleep and snuggle with Mom and Dad though--they even had to wake me up to feed me!

I was off the charts until I reached 9 months old...

My birthday is today, June 29th; however, my birthday was supposed to be August 23rd. A full term pregnancy is 37+ weeks, and I was born at 27 weeks.. back in the 80's, this truly is a miracle that I made it. ..Now I'm a very healthy 20-something year old!

Before & After
         4-Weeks                20-Something

The March of Dimes Organization, which was founded in 1938, strives to improve the health of babies, by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. 1 in 8 babies are born prematurely, and have a chance to survive with the ongoing research and support of this organization.

I recently participated in my very first March For Babies event back in April (because of Cait!), and as a preemie success story, I am so thankful for this organization, the volunteers involved, and the people who donate, giving opportunity for future preemie success stories--which is really the best gift any parent can hope for when experiencing a high-risk pregnancy or premature birth.

To learn more, find an event, donate or set up a fundraising page, click here or here, and start asking friends and family to join you and have fun Marching For Babies! The improvements over the years have saved lives, and continue to do so with people like you.


Do you have a special Birthday story?
Were you a Preemie?
Is today your Birthday, too?!

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theAlmostRunner said... [Reply]

Happy birthday! Your story really is a miracle!

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said... [Reply]

Happy birthday! You are a miracle baby!

Jennʻs Adventureʻs said... [Reply]

Thank you ladies!!!

Suz and Allan said... [Reply]

Happy Birthday love! I mentioned you in my blog post today!

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