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For the last month, maybe two, I have seen friends on facebook participating in the 30-day photo challenge, and since I have been spreading my wings in the blogosphere, I've found a lot of bloggers who have done it or are doing it as well...

Personally, I prefer to go against the grain, disliking fads or falling into what everyone else is doing (I didn't have a problem with peer-pressure. I enjoy saying "No"). The mere fact that so many people have been doing this 30-day photo challenge would be reason enough for me not to do it.. However, I really love photos, and since I'm a rebel without a cause, I may just make up my own rules or modify the existing ones. What do you think? Yay, or Nay?

This isn't me, btw
THAT is the question. I would be lying if I said I wasn't considering it. This post alone discloses just howclose I am to doing it--but seriously, only because tomorrow is the 1st of the month. Oh and that's the best part: It's April Fool's. So if I decide not to do it between now and then? FOOLED YAH! ;)

So.. What do you think?



Have you done the 30-day photo challenge? 

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Tara said... [Reply]

I've thought about it too but just like you usually go against the grain with things. I actually even started skipping over the parts of peoples blogs who were doing it.

Nessa @ island style running said... [Reply]

I've also seen folks do a 365 photo challenge... a daily pic of anything.

We wanted to do that for our first year of marriage but uh, hmmmmm, let's face it, I got lazy!

A 30 day challenge sounds manageable. You could always mix up the days. I know that each day has a topic but you could just throw that all into a hat and do it randomly. Or something like that =)


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