The Verdict

After much thought, and a full day of procrastinating, I've decided to participate in the otherwise commonly known 30-day Photo Challenge. I'm a rebel though, so don't be alarmed if I break the rules.

Also? This is completely out of character for me as I am typically a very private person.. so this will be a very tough challenge for me to do... I ultimately decided to do it for my readers (if I have any!) so [you] can get to know me better..  Should be interesting--I hope you enjoy this 30-day adventure with me!
[Day One - A Picture of Yourself + 10 Facts]
Here are 10 random funfacts about me in no particular order.. 

1) I am a Preemie. I wanted to be born at 14 weeks, then again at 20 weeks & was finally born at 28 weeks. 
2) I graduated high school early.  
3) I am a serial entrepreneur who owns multiple enterprises.  
4) I have lived in four states; visited 26. 
5) I collect cards. Mostly Kim Anderson cards. 
6) I say what I mean and I do what I say.  
7) I absolutely LOVE paddling. If that's all I did? I'd be okay with that.    
8) I have always had a passion for photography and love capturing a moment in time to cherish (and share) forever.
9) As I get older I am learning to slow down. I have always been impatient, in a hurry, on the go. I have experienced a lot at a young age to know it's the journey, not the destination
10) Jesus, Family, and Friends are most important to me--they are the light in my eyes, the smile on my face, the skip in my step. They have made me who I am today and I simply could not live with out them. 

What are 10 (more or less) funfacts about you? Let's make this 30-day challenge a mutual adventure? ..or not. Up to you! I'd love to know more about my readers (if I have any)!!

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Nessa @ island style running said... [Reply]

OK sister... I'm a little late on this (and a few days behind) so I might jump in today =)

Glad you're doing this!

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