No Ordinary Thursday..

Last week was full of fast balls for my otherwise low-key lifestyle. Since being home Iʻve been laying low, and it appears my friends are determined to get me out and about..

On Thursday a friend invited me to the Feast at Lele Luau at 505 Front Street in Lahaina... It just so happens to be my FAVORITE Luau, and lots of my friends work there--Score!

As soon as we sat down I ordered one of these...

The ice cold glass touching my lips and the taste of my favorite beer as I took my first sip.. pure bliss!

We were immediately served these tasty treats, which are Polynesian Staples... 
Banana, Taro & Sweet Potato Chips
Served with a tropical ginger and ogo seaweed salsa, but I guess I didnʻt capture that with my otherwise observant iPhone 4 camera!

Look at this view... It just doesnʻt get any better than this:

Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii ~ Feast at Lele Luau
This was definitely a great way to end my day, and close out the week.

Here is a short video as we began our journey (through food) to the Polynesian Islands... Beautiful Ladies, beginning the night with the Hula..

Our first course from Hawaiʻi...

Pohole Fern, Asparagus, & Heart of Palm Salad, Seared Island Catch with Mango Sauce, & kālua Pork (prepared in a traditional cooking style slow roast in an imu; underground oven)
What makes this Luau so special is that everything is "bottomless" ...You can order more of any favorite dishes you discover, and more importantly for some, an open bar--which is a great reason in itself to visit and enjoy wonderful entertainment! I for one drank plenty of Hinanoʻs before craving a Captain ʻn Coke:

Mmmm!! PS: Cherries? They sink..
And then these Lemon Drops kept coming.. 

Vodka | Lemon Juice | Sugar
Mmm, ice cold, slushy yumminess... I stopped counting after three, by the way. 


After Hawaiʻi, we ventured to Aoteaoa New Zealand for more incredible dishes & dances... 

Country Green Duck Salad with Poha Berry Dressing
Mmm Nom Nom Nom... 

Harore Jumara Roasted Mushrooms with Sweet Potato
Horrible photo, I KNOW! I almost didnʻt post it because itʻs so bad, but people, this dish? Is AMAZING! It tastes so good and I am so sad my "reach and snap" photo turned out exactly how "reach and snap" photos turn out: crap! 

Kuku Patties! Maori fishcakes from New Zealand with Mussels, Salmon, & Scallops 
As you can see I was lucky to even get a picture of these guys before they were all gobbled up!

How great is this photo?! Heʻs a friend and classmate, so I might be a tad biased! Love New Zealand:) 

Onward to TAHITI! I have yet to visit Tahiti, and I canʻt hardly wait until the day Iʻm finally there, drinking a Hinano, and eating the fresh local favorites... Until then? I frequent the Feast!

E'iota ~ So. Effing. Good! I <3 Coconut
Scallops on the Shell & Sweet Potato with Coconut
Mmm, Iʻm starting to drool again just looking at these plates, especially since I know what they taste like. In the following picture(s), though, you will notice how my already bad photography progressively turn for the worse! A blurry mess, but VERY delish!

Fafa ~ Steamed Chicken & Taro LauLau Style smothered in Coconut!
Have you ever seen Tahitian dance? I love it...

After our journey to Tahiti we were off to our final destination; Samoa!

Again, not the best picture, as it was reaching the end of our open bar adventure... so let's just give me credit for taking this picture at all!

Somoan Grindz... Descriptions below:)
Top right: Scrumptious Shrimp and Avocado with Passion Fruit

Top left: Supasui (Grilled Steak) <-- Tastes amazing as is, and even better with our Aoteaoa New Zealandʻs Harore Jumara Roasted Mushrooms with Sweet Potato dish... MmmʻMmm!

Bottom right: Palusami; young taro leaf and coconut milk with breaded fruit and squash <-- very addicting, even though by now youʻre EXTREMELY FULL!!

Last but certainly not least... tropical desserts! We ended our night with amazing Island Treats and a very talented Fire Dance...

Caramel Macadamia Nut Tart with Haupia, Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate Truffle & Tropical Fruit (Pineapple, Papaya, & Lychee)

Perfect way to end our journey of traveling through the Polynesian Triangle via Food & Dance:) 

I have an amazing fire dance video BUT I honestly couldn't stand the sound of my own voice, so here are a few photos instead! 

If you live on Maui--or find yourself on Maui, you simply have to go to the Feast at Lele Luau... It is absolutely the best Luau you will ever experience! Scouts honor.

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Nessa @ island style running said... [Reply]

Can you believe I've NEVER been to Feast at Lele? I frequent OLL but have never had the chance to go.

And now I'm starving. Thanks Jen! LOL

Jennʻs Adventureʻs said... [Reply]

What the?! Seriously?! We're SO going when you're back! I haven't been to OLL in years, but seriously, there's just nothing like the Feast! =D

Tara said... [Reply]

Oh. My. Gosh. That looks amazing. I think I'm goint to go book a flight to Maui now.

Love your blog!!

Tara said... [Reply]

Oh and I think you're right bout the wines. I know (now) that the second one is Muscat. I just couldn't remember and I have no idea about the third so let just say you're right!

My brother lives in Monterey and I've been once and we weren't able to go to any vinyards. We did go to a few places that belonged to vinyards but were set up in the city of Monterey. I'm hoping to go again soon!

Cait said... [Reply]

hey pretty girl :) so happy you came across my blog! ahh i can't believe you were a preemie too! i have always wanted to meet someone that has gone through the same thing i have! i'd love to learn more! :) looks like you're having a great time in HAWAII! love the pics! xo

Jennʻs Adventureʻs said... [Reply]

Tara, American Airlines has Nonstop flight--I'll pick you up at the airport!! =D ..Northern California is beautiful! Next time you go, you guys should definitely try to hit up either Napa, Sonoma, or even Paso Robles, it's lots of fun! Mmmm, I heart wine:) PS: love YOUR blog, too! Thanks!


Aloha Cait!! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog:) I was REALLY shocked when I found out you were a preemie too! ...I honestly don't know many people who were--how about you? Oh and I would LOVE to hear more about your story too, it's always so interesting. You've actually inspired me to contact my old Doctors:) Have you read "The Smell Of Rain" email/forward that was in circulation a long time ago (and may still be)? Click here: to read it... I think I smell a future blog post, how about you? =D

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