Winter Gear Assessment

I wanted to talk a little bit about how I've been adapting to the cold here in Seattle. Sure it's Spring now, but it's still cold to this Maui Girl and Winter is still fresh in my mind!

I was recently featured on the Agloves website...

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I reviewed the Agloves Sport and Bamboo, which passed the test with my Mount Baker Adventure. But you already know about that if you read this post or this post.

Today I want to talk about the several layers I wore that day, which really worked for me.

My base layers included YMX By YellowMan's Koi Leggings and Māori Swirl Sun Tee (it's okay that they hardly match, they're still sexy and buttery soft).

Then I put on my black Roxy fleece over the long sleeve + cotton leggings I put over the Koi leggings. I almost omitted the cotton leggings, but I'm so glad I didn't! 

My top layers included my black Roxy snowboarding pants I got on sale, and my splurge in Winter gear: North Face TriClimate jacket.

Like I mentioned in my review, I was perfectly comfortable during the hike. In fact, I may have even broke a sweat at one point, which is ironic being surrounded by so much snow!

However... I really wish I had wore this little number once we parked it up at the top:

I was comfortable for a good bit, but then the cold settled into my bones! Pacing, jumping jacks, warm thoughts - nothing seemed to get me warm! In fact, all I could think about was this jacket!

I imagined how toasty I could be feeling at that very moment if only I had that liner on. I also imagined how much of a diva I would sound like to these Seattlites clearly immune to the cold had they been able to hear my thoughts! I told myself to buck up.. Then it started to snow.

Good Lord, we were in the Tundra and frost bite was immanent, to say I was ready to go was an understatement! Then as if Mother Nature heard my silent pleas, we all agreed to venture to the finish line and started our descend with hopes of a bathroom nearby.

As soon as we started our trek, I was fine and having fun again. We met Travis Rice, who may or may not have thought we were crazy. Either way, he ended up playing leap frog with Laura:)

I couldn't get to my phone fast enough, but my cousin captured the last couple leaps, so this definitely goes down in the books. Best. Day. Ever:) After our run in we had a blast continuing down the mountain doing tricks. It was awesome!

Winter Gear Conclusion: 

My outfit was perfect even minus the heated jacket liner because I was 100% comfortable maneuvering around the mountain. I still want the liner, and a real snowboarding jacket, but my garb passed with flying colors nonetheless! As I do more of this sort of adventure, I'm sure I'll shed a layer or two, but for now this is what I'm working with! My goal is to just wear my YMX, Roxy heated liner, + snowboarding jacket:)


I am borderline obsessed with YMX By YellowMan for several reasons. Quality, Function, and Style, just to name a few. My closet quickly filled with YMX gear as I fell in love with the company, and as I've worn different designs, I have two very easy suggestions... give me thumbholes on the long sleeves and give me more Roger Ingerton's Māori designs! Every time I go running in one of my long sleeves, I wish I had thumbholes. And let's face it, Māori print is my favorite, Roger is a genius, and I can't get enough:)

I have so many design ideas, and have to say how sick would it be if they designed a simple solid black long sleeve with white Māori print on the sleeves!? OR my absolute favorite idea right now... solid black leggings with one of the legs having white Māori print from the outer side of the hip to the ankle. I would so pimp that.

My creative juices are flowing.. My Outrigger Canoe Club colors are Black and Yellow, so if YMX ever created the above mentioned design or any Māori print with those two colors for that matter -- I'd go broke! #TrueStory:)

How do you make it through Winter?
What are your layers?

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misszippy said... [Reply]

I love YMX stuff, too. So soft. I have to admit, here in Md. I don't need tons of winter stuff, and I'm fine with that. Good luck getting it all nailed down--lots of trial and error, I'm sure.

Suz and Allan said... [Reply]

The YMX clothes are amazing! I wore one of my YMX shirts layered with a running jacket and sweatshirt for my half that was in the 20's and it was a perfect base layer. I love the Maori designs too and wish there were more color options to chose from with those!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said... [Reply]

I haven't tried any of the YMX gear but it looks great on you! I'm spoiled with warm weather for the most part and don't need a TON of cold weather gear yet!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Wow! Thank you all for the encouraging reviews! Its wonderful to hear positive feedback. We certainly take all your suggestions into consideration and I for one wish we could make them all because they're all great ideas!

Christina @ The Athletarian said... [Reply]

Omg that pic of you with the agloves is so cute!! I have never tired any of the YMX gear but it looks fantastic on you! It sounds like such a great product and I love the designs. Happy you're adapting to the change in temperatures. Hope everything is going amazing, love!!! xoxo

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