For some reason it has been nearly impossible [for me] to participate in WIAW in a timely manner so I changed it to WIAT for today since I simply can't wait until next Wednesday to share my eats -- in fact I can't wait another second!

You guys must be going crazy wondering what I've been eating since declaring my radical nutritional lifestyle change back in November.

Maybe not?

Click here for recipe!

Click here for recipe!

Click here for recipe!

Click here for recipe!

I will be sharing ALL of the above recipes, starting with the Green Drink since I have been having way too much fun in the kitchen and think it is time you did, too! These recipes are by no means perfected, but I still want to share them even if they are constantly evolving! Plus... I need to write them down before I forget!!

The pictured Green Drink isn't my Super Green Drink recipe -- also known as my Green Monster, which I haven't shared yet, but it was pretty darn good!

I basically just used everything we had in our fridge at the time:

4 large collard green leaves (stems and all)
2 handfuls of kale
1 handful cilantro
4-6 carrots
1 handful of prunes
1 pinkie-sized piece of ginger
2 tbsp aloe vera gel
3 tbsp flax
2 scoops Vega One
* blend with whatever you want -- I used organic rice milk & kangen water

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See anything you like?
What have YOU been eating lately? 

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7 love notes:

Jen said... [Reply]

Jenn - LOVE this. What is in your chickpea cutlets? Did you make them or buy them somewhere?

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Everything looks DELISH!

Christine (The Raw Project) said... [Reply]

Wow, all your eats look wonderful, especially the chia kale chips!

Siobhan @ SiobhanMcCarthy.ca said... [Reply]

Yum! Everything looks SO delicious! Kale chips are one thing I've gotta try!

Rachel @ My Naturally Frugal Family said... [Reply]

I want your chickpea cutlets and kale chips. Can you please provide the chickpea recipe?

Pam said... [Reply]

I found a recipe in Color Me Vegan for those sweet potato tacos a little while back! I've been dying to make them but just haven't gotten around to it yet. I LOVE that cookbook!

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said... [Reply]

I just had some awesome sweet potato tacos at a new vegetarian restaurant. So delish and your look amazing too!!

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