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Today I want to discuss Google Friend Connect. You know -- that little widget basically every Blogger has and enjoys watching the number grow..,

Yeah, this!
Anyway, I caught wind this widget would be retiring on March 1st, 2012 (which is right around the corner). I thought I better do a little research of my own, and was disappointed with the lack of information available! C'mon Google Blogger, get it together. Where's the formal notice?

I quickly learned the widget was retiring for non-blogger/blogspot users only (aka wordpress users); however, blogger/blogspot users should note any non-blogger/blogspot users you follow will disappear if you followed them via GFC. I think you're safe if you manually added them to your reader list, but I'm not 100%.

Another thing blogger/blogspot users should note is that it was revealed through further research this widget will most likely become obsolete by the end of this year for us as well. All good things must come to an end, right?


While GFC is a great way to boost your ego and earn blogger clout -- it is really useless! Managing it isn't even an option, and more times than not it fails to even work properly. I say good riddance!

Enter Linky Follower:

This widget is the talk of town. Rightfully so in my opinion from what I have discovered so far. I just signed up (it's free) and can already tell it is a million times better than GFC merely because of the ability to manage your followers. Not only will I be able to easily follow subscribers back (if they have a blog), but confirming a "follower" for a giveaway will no longer be a nightmare! Plus, the concept hasn't changed, so we can still have our ego stroked with each new follower! ;)

I'm going to save the details of Linky Followers for another Tech-y Tuesday post, but if you notice --------------------------------------------------------------------> I did add the widget to my website, so please "follow me" via this widget as I will slowly begin to phase out GFC.

There are several ways to keep up with my adventures though, so if you're already set with one or all of the following, don't sweat!

Subscribe via Email!

Follow via RSS

"Like" Jenn's Adventures on Facebook

Tweet with me on Twitter

Work out with me on Daily Mile

Pin with me on Pinterest

We can Instagram together, too!

Did I leave any out?!

I hope we are already connected in one or all of those social media's -- if not, what are you waiting for?!

What can you add to this post?
Did you know about GFC retiring?
Are you or do you plan on signing up with Linky Followers?
Did you know you can send out a "newsletter" to GFC members?
Are you affected by this change AT ALL?!

If you are a reader and haven't yet followed me via Linky Followers located on the top right of my Blog's Sidebar, what are you waiting for?! Now is the time to join the party, and leave me a comment while you're at it--I won't bite!

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Ali Mc said... [Reply]

Jenn LOVED this post - but if I may suggest something

The RSS feed blogger uses is very two dimensional - Please add a feedburner RSS feed - it is so easy and it allows the reader to chose from a multitude of reader options.

you can easily design a button for it and it can also display the number of followers ;)

I just think it's the best feed out there.

Teamarcia said... [Reply]

I did know about GFC going away. But I can barely keep up with all this techy stuff. It's really wonder I can blog at all. This linky think you speak of sounds good!

Suz and Allan said... [Reply]

I have no idea what Ali Mc is talking about but I'd love to know more about that.

Thanks for the info on Linky Followers. I'm trying to decide what to do as GFC disappears.

Sara said... [Reply]

Another great post, my friend! Thanks for the detailed info - it is helpful! :)

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