Yesterday was kind of a tough day for me -- even though it was a very special day. Yesterday was December 2nd, which is my precious Daddy's birthday and I had a very special post planned for him that never made it to the press. But you can read this post from Father's Day if you haven't already!

This last quarter of 2011 has literally thrown my family and I for loop. My Dad and Brother flew to Seattle exactly one month ago yesterday, and it's been an emotional roller coaster ever since. It has bummed me out that my Mom and I haven't been able to be with them during this time, so it really bummed me out we weren't able to celebrate his special day together! What's worse is I can't really remember the last time we got to celebrate his special day together since I've been quite the female nomad the last three years..

Dad & Daughter Adventure a few years ago...
However, I am so very thankful my Dad is celebrating yet another birthday. I know many readers, maybe even you, don't have your Dad in your life anymore, so I don't want to sound ungrateful by any means. I am also so very thankful to know my Dad was able to spend his birthday not only with my amazing Brother, but with our family and my Dad's long time friends, too. My Dad was born and raised in Seattle and has maintained the strong friendships from his youth even though he moved to Hawai'i post graduation, and hasn't really been back to the Emerald City since then.

Another Daddy/Daughter photo @ an airport!
Speaking of the Emerald City.. One or two Speechless Sunday posts ago I mentioned the Emerald City; however, no one really caught what I actually said:
Only the Lord knows the future, and with that I know I shouldn't worry or feel insecure. As I grow in my walk with the Lord, I'm learning to surrender it all to Him on a daily basis. My family and I are still praying without ceasing with faith and hope for His will. With that being said, it looks as if He is taking us to the Emerald City (no, not Oz).
You see, I'm going to need all the cold gear I can get because as the pages keep turning in this new chapter of our lives, it appears the set is changing from Maui to Seattle--for at least the next few months or more. This situation has made me realize how day-by-day life really is, and while planning is only human--things change.

So, aside from being an emotional wreck the first few weeks of November, God has given me the strength to take care of business. While this blog is very important to me because it includes all of you, it has unfortunately taken the back burner, hence all the far and few between posts and me mostly posting giveaways!

With the guys in Seattle and the gals on Maui, we are all tending to the most important tasks accordingly to make this transition smooth--whenever that may be--I was hoping before Christmas.

I finally finished that demanding class I often whined about, and I am officially on a Leave of Absence until further notice--which has been a great sigh of relief since I'm being honest. The much needed time has allowed my Mom and I to pack this 2,400 square foot house...

I couldn't help but get frustrated taping up yet another box. Thoughts of people who have never moved in their life made me realize I can't even count how many times I've moved in mine. Our moves hardly ever consist of loading a car and driving to the next location -- it's more complex -- involving containers and a Matson liner, crossing the country or a few thousand miles of ocean.

Mom and I are already have our suitcases packed and ready to go at the snap of a finger. We're basically done with the inside of the house aside from the stuff we use everyday, and will tackle the garage next. Very exhausting process, but it has to get done. Remember this Speechless Sunday post.. You really don't realize how strong you are until you have no other choice. And I credit that strength is directly from the Lord.

How many times have you moved in your life? And I mean really moved. Sold or packed everything you own and had to "start over" when you got there kind of move... 

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Sweet and Savory by Sarah said... [Reply]

Only once....when Mike was in the Army. I was 18...freshly married and moved from Wisconsin to Oklahoma. I actually had to make that move twice because when he went to Iraq, I went back home to Wisconsin for 9 months and then moved back to Oklahoma again...then another year later moved back to Wisconsin. Lots of driving in those years :)

Christina @ The Athletarian said... [Reply]

JENNNNNNN! Happy birthday o your dad!! Get to him are so lucky to have him and he needs you in his life! And ummm WHY don't you ever post pictures of your beautiful face?? Seriously though! If I were you I would just post pictures of my face every day haha.

Anyway, I hope this transition goes smoothly for you and your family. I have never had to start over. I've only had to move within Toronto and even that was a lot of work. I can't even imagine what it's like to have to cross the ocean and start somewhere completely different.

I hope everything works out for all of you and you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Email me if you need anything. Your package should be shipped tomorrow (have to pick up one more thing - shopping for raw peeps is hard!), so it will be going to the Seattle address you sent me!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! xoxo

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said... [Reply]

Oh Jenn! You have so much going on it sounds like. You will be in my prayers as you make this transition. I have moved several times but it was all when everything could fit in my car. Now it would be a nightmare. I don't want to imagine how long it would take us to pack up and move. And so not fun! Stay strong and I know you will get through it!

Nessa @ Isle Style Living said... [Reply]

Ay sister! You are such a strong woman! I can't really post all I want to say in a comment but just know we're still praying for all of you!

I'd say I had to move 4 times.

Moving back and forth during college, packing everything after graduation, packing up AGAIN for my job in Honolulu.... I HATE moving!

I can totally sympathize with all those boxes you are packing.

You are doing such an awesome job at staying so positive and focused.

You are awesome. That is all.

Elle said... [Reply]

Sounds like your family will be reunited soon and that is a good thing.

Moving is hard, but Seattle is a lovely city. I know you will love it there. Lots of things to see and do and the West Coast mentality is very liberal and very 'green' and you will find that comforting, I know.

Best wishes to you as you pack and make the transition.

I am a nomad - I happen to love moving and relish the challenge and the excitement of the changes to come.

It's all in the way you approach it and I wish you good things. And belated happy birthday to your Daddy, too. :)

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said... [Reply]

Oh, wow - some crazy changes going on for you right now! I have moved way more times than I can count in my life. Africa, Asia, Europe, America...and a few places in each continent! I actually enjoy stripping down what I own and starting over. Good luck with all the packing!

Wym said... [Reply]

This just means I will have to meet up with you in June. I'm visiting Seattle then.

Nicole said... [Reply]

I've never moved like that, I've always lived in the same time. I've moved house, but that isn't the same. You have a great attitude. I hate packing! I love Seattle, you will do great there!

Courtney said... [Reply]

wow Jenn! i enjoy going to new places, but i hate packing and unpacking. i feel like that's all i did during the 8 years i was in school. as always it sounds like you're handling everything with your sunny attitiude and letting God have control.

Mia Maree said... [Reply]

I'll definitely be thinking about you Jenn! I've moved like that my whole life because of my Dad's profession, then I married into the same profession. It is scary, exciting, nerve-wracking, and stressful all rolled into one. Emotions are up and down up and down. will soon know how to pack a box within 5 seconds :-)

Happy Birthday to your Dad! Still praying for you guys. Have a safe move!

Suz and Allan said... [Reply]

Happy Belated Birthday to your Dad! I know he had a good time celebrating in Seattle but I'm certain he missed having his two favorite ladies with him. Hopefully you guys can have a belated celebration soon.

I pray the transition from Maui to Seattle goes smoothly for you guys and that you all will be settled in before Christmas. You guys will continue to be a constant in my thoughts and prayers.

Miss and love you!

Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen said... [Reply]

Happy birthday to your dad, he's so lucky to have you and it sounds like you all have an AH-mazing family :) Cherish that! Seattle is great and you'll still be surrounded by lots of water and at least you will all be together! Maybe you'll be back to paradise by the time I go this summer!!! You are so sweet and caring and I wish you all the best, you're in my thoughts and prayers. Love the pics, you should post more pics of your pretty smile!

Good luck with the move - I have moved more times than I can count…and, yes, I mean REALLY moved!

Sara said... [Reply]

Beautiful thoughts and a great post too. I am thinking about you and your father and your family - you truly have something special. Thank you for sharing a little piece of it with all of us. Happy Birthday to your Dad! My dad's birthday is coming up next week! :)

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