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First things first...

Our New Winner of the flaunt it Running Divas Giveaway is:

Elle is the author behind Eat, Run, Sail and it just so happens I love to eat, run, and sail, too! Needless to say, we get along just great! Elle also maintains a second blog, We Can Begin to Feed where she consistently posts tasty recipes for all to enjoy. If you haven't already subscribed to Elle's blogs I encourage you to do so -- she is so sweet, and I love keeping up with her adventures. She is also on facebook, so be sure to "like" her new page! Elle, go ahead and visit the Running Divas website and let me know which product you would like, along with your mailing address so I can forward it to Aeron & Marc! Congrats on winning this awesome giveaway, I'm sure you will soon love Running Divas as much as I do if you don't already!

Okay -- on to the giveaway!!

Did you know that Arbonne is more than just make-up?!

I had no idea until my friend pampered me with a goodie bag filled with Arbonne's Essential line during paddling season. Arbonne Essentials includes Daily Essentials, Fit Essentials or a combination of the two. The step toward a healthier life is made easy with Arbonne, and they have nothing to hide in the ingredients. Everything is formulated without gluten, without artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, no colesterol, saturated fats, or trans fats, and no animal products. Arbonne's ingredients increase nutrient uptake for optimum absorption and effectiveness.

One Chocolate | One Vanilla
How would you like to shake up your routine and sample Arbonne's delicious chocolate and vanilla shake?! They each deliver 20-grams of vegan protein, in addition to 20 essential vitamins and minerals per serving.

Key ingredients are: Vegan Protein Blend (Pea Protein, Cranberry Protein, Rice Protein), Co Q10, alfalfa, ginseng, flax seed, but here's a picture of the backs for both flavors:

Right Click to View Larger
Because I am now a label nazi, I want to let you know this product contains soy from soy lecithin. You can check out more of Arbonne's Health & Wellness products by clicking here. If all that is good with you, get yourself entered into this giveaway right away by utilizing the Rafflecopter widget below.

Please Read:

Rafflecopter does not validate entries (Bummer!). I love the ease it provides running giveaways though, so I'm still a fan. With that being said I need some help from all of you concerning your entries:

Please remember you must be a public follower of this blog (via the Google Friend Connect) for any of your entries to count. Also, please include your Name/Alias, email address, blog URL, and any usernames including those profile URL's if and where applicable. I cross reference every entry to ensure fairness to everyone. Providing as much information as possible within the Rafflecopter widget makes life a little easier for me:) Thanks!

These Arbonne samples were provided to me by a friend for free with no expectations. 

If you are a reader and haven't yet followed me via Google Friend Connect located on the top right of my Blog's Sidebar, what are you waiting for?! Now is the time to join the party, and leave me a comment while you're at it--I won't bite!

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Elle said... [Reply]

Jenn, so thrilled to win your Running Divas giveaway... will spend some time on their site and email you soon.

Thanks sooooo much, and for the kind words too. Hope you area having a great day, Jenn.

Wahhoooooo! :)

Elle said... [Reply]

I am on the lookout for new protein powder.

Rambles of a Military Wife said... [Reply]

I follow you!!

Rambles of a Military Wife said... [Reply]

I followed you on FB!!!

Rambles of a Military Wife said... [Reply]

I follow you on Pinterest and you follow me!

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