Speechless Sunday

Vestique Edition...

[side bar] Prior to my second cup of coffee I did not know Vestique existed! Thanks to the lovely Colleen @ The Lunchbox Diaries and her post + giveaway today I now have a new addiction... With College Football quickly approaching, my closet could potentially explode orange and blue... War Eagle;)  

Someone please get this outfit for me!

This one too!?
Okay, I won't be greedy..how about just the necklace?

Simple & Sexy

And either one of these will do;)



And I think this necklace is pretty standard. Shouldn't every Auburn Girl own one of these?


If by now you haven't already checked out Vestique.com you definitely should! However, I won't be liable for any impulse purchases, and if you feel so inclined, grab one of the above items for me;) Also, don't forget, Colleen is hosting a giveaway and this is what you could win:

Jump on the chance to win this bold piece that will spice up any outfit -- Enter the Giveaway by Clicking Here.

How excited are you for Fall?! 

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Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said... [Reply]

Haha, I don't know if I have ever seen someone more excited for fall football! The lake on Labor Day Weekend sounds seriously amazing!

Suz and Allan said... [Reply]

Haha, Vanessa just wait! It only gets better. I've been keeping my excitement under control about football season but an Auburn-inspired post of my own is right around the corner.

Jenn-I don't even do twitter but this giveaway could be enough to push me over the edge. I mean I never thought I'd blog either and look at where that thinking has gotten me!

Christina @ The Athletarian said... [Reply]

Awesome pieces! I love the first outfit!

angie on maui said... [Reply]

Orange is one of my favorite colors! I LOVE the top in #4 and everything in #6! I have never heard of this site before, but now I am off to check them out!

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