What's in your closet?

Let's talk about how much money I've been spending as of late, shall we? Usually I'm harassing the bf for shopping too much; however, clearly he has rubbed off on me the last couple of weeks!

Do you remember this post from last week regarding the 2011 Tahiti Fête and how excited I was? It was a huge success (Click here to review the results from the competition) and let's just say I spent some serious dough scored some sweet Polynesian merch!

I was on the hunt for a Black & Yellow pareu, and found a new favorite! Very exciting..

Polynesian Pareu & Earrings
I couldn't decide between three pairs of earrings--so I bought all three! They are all handmade by very talented artists. The top pair is hand-carved from coconut and the other two are hand-carved from Mother of Pearl!

I spent a lot of time searching for my dresses and happily walked away with these two... I honestly would have liked to get more, even a few tops--but held back. I was lucky to even get these two dresses it was so packed. Ladies were all up in each others business, elbows high... I felt like I was in New York City shopping underground at some Designer Black Market rack.. it was pretty comical, but very exhausting!

This dress can be worn with or without straps
I found this lil number cashing out. I had seen it earlier and thought it was a top but, oh contrar my friends! This sexy piece of nylon-like material is a dress--and I can't hardly wait for any excuse to wear it!

I freaked out when I tried this on. New style for me!
By the time I got home I was all sorts of inspired and created this little masterpiece to showcase all my earrings (and a few pareus)! I did a mini fashion show for Mom and tried not to tell her about the cool stuff we found for her birthday:)


A couple weeks ago I found myself at Sports Authority, which resurrected my shopping addiction at UnderArmour.com. I've got some serious hoarding going on in that online shopping cart since then, and today I decided to go back to Sport Authority prior to submitting a hefty UA online purchase.

So excited I did... check out what was on sale!

20% off!

So... Naturally I got two;)
This item however was not on sale, but I simply couldn't drive back to the other side of the island with out them--they were really flippin' cute on. I unsuccessfully tried to find them on the UA website to cross reference price and color options before cutting the tags off, but I can't even find them on there, so I'm super stoked I snagged 'em! These heatgear compression capri's are an instant favorite for me since my only work out pants/capri's seem to be cotton Victoria's Secret yoga wear, and maybe one pair of Nike capri's geared towards cold weather!

I also picked up a few Soffee shorts because they're super cute on, comfy and $7.99 -- Plus, I have future plans for them...

Black | Yellow | Orange
I'm pretty excited to make those orange shorts Auburn friendly and represent the bf's Alumni! War Eagle!!


Until then, I'm going to be wearing my [new favorite] yellow pareu;)

Have you been on a spending spree lately? What are the last things you bought? Are you jonesing to buy anything? I still want that LV bag.. the month isn't over... 

PS: There are some amazing Giveaways going on right now you all need to know about if you don't already... 

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner is hosting a chocolate #9 giveaway that ends on 8/25
Katy @ Fit In Heels is hosting a Titika sports bra giveaway that ends on 8/26

And the easiest way to find all of these rockin' giveaways in the blogosphere is to visit Kiley @ Daily Vitamin F. If you enter any or all of the giveaways I would suggest doing what I do (advertise them on your sidebar) so you can keep track of 'em better! 

I've been wanting to do another giveaway for awhile now, too, so maybe this week I'll surprise you all with something you just have to have!!

Aloha Sunday! Have a great day:)

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Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said... [Reply]

Such great finds! I love the one sleeved dress, it's beautiful. I have been so good lately and not buying ANY clothes--feels strange, actually! Saving up for house stuff!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Thanks for linking my blog! I've had some visitors from your mention. Your dresses are so cute!

Kiley @ DailyVitaminF

Suz and Allan said... [Reply]

Ahh I love the dresses. The one shoulder one is going to be super sexy and the bf is going to loooove it!

Thanks for sharing the giveaways and I'm looking forward to you doing one soon!

Katy @ Fit In Heels said... [Reply]

Yes!!! So glad we found each other! I am a sucker for fashion and LOVE the one shoulder long sleeve. Just bought a similar one from H&M. Actually, I'm pretty sure I bought the entire fall collection at H&M and Zara... but I digress. I'm excited to see your giveaway! Oh- and I used to work at Under Armour! They have come a LONG way with their women's line. Love the shorts and capris!!!

Courtney said... [Reply]

Oh that one shouldered dress is HOT! the bf will love it i bet!

Da Boss said... [Reply]

I keep all of my expensive thongs in my closet....oh, and I lock a troll in there.

Lauren @ Team Giles said... [Reply]

What a fun post :) I love seeing whats in people's closets.

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