I can't seem to get it through my head today that it is Wednesday...

I returned from my latest adventure(s) last night and slept in until 7ish this morning; which was really 10ish since I've been on Vegas time since Friday...

So far my day has consisted of:

A few sips to get me goin'
 Look who's rawrin' to go!

Whatchya Dreamin' Hi'ilei?
hehe... isn't she a doll? She's almost 10 weeks! It seems like yesterday she entered this world...

Since Auntie JenJen just returned from the mainland, we thought it to be a great enough excuse to go out to breakfast--although, in reality--we don't need an excuse... this has been our thing since before Sleeping Beauty was even born!

We went to Aloha Mixed Plate, because they serve breakfast now--and it's amazing!

We (or really just me..) order the same thing usually, so today we decided to try two new things and share -- epic decision! Nom, Nom, Nom! If you find yourself on Maui--make a special trip to Aloha Mixed Plate; Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner - GO!

Princess got hungry, too, but couldn't keep her eyes open -- tough life ;)

After we left, we got behind this guy...

Uhh, that's a Bicycle dude!
How creative is this guy? I don't think I've ever seen this before--I sure haven't ever had the chance to take a picture, I know that much! That right thurrr is a BICYCLE that this guy made into a moped. Can you say genius? I'm not sure if the gas prices over at Shell shine through in this photo, but we're over $4 a gallon here on Maui, folks.

The rest of the day will look like this:

Commenting on Blogs

Reading & Writing Blog Posts
LOADS of homework...

..until nap time
And most importantly....
Because the bf encouraged me to update my phone; however the new jailbreakme isn't working properly...ofcourseit'snot! Grrr...

I'm hoping to get this squared away (I'm too spoiled to not have a jail broke phone now--my life literally would be over!) asap, or at least before....

My phone has now trumped everything... Then, my homework will trump everything... But at the very least, I promise to fit blogging in somewhere...because I have SO MUCH to share, I'm so excited!

How is/was your Wednesday? 
Do you have an iPhone? Is it Jail Broke?
Tell me about your 4th of July!

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Suz and Allan said... [Reply]

Today was exhausting for me-cut grass and ran. I'm pooped! We still need to catch up from before the bf went out to see you. Phone ASAP missy!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said... [Reply]

No iPhone--but hubby has one so I "borrow" it all the time to play games!
Your breakfast looks amazing!!

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