Chobani ~ Nothing But Good!

That's for sure!

Do you guys remember this post?

Couple things...

1) wtf happened with that 30 challenge I was doing?!
2) I'm already dreading the next tax season... AND
3) Chobani got in touch with me!!

This post is LONG OVER DUE, and although I may have mentioned Chobani's awesomeness here and there---I haven't shared in detail like I planned on...and what they deserve!

After writing about Chobani in the above mentioned post and Tweeting with them, we've become great friends! Chobani is the type of company I LOVE to support, boast about, and be loyal to...

Watch this video to learn a little bit about Chobani:

Chobani's Greek Yogurt comes from Central New York, made with only natural ingredients of the highest quality and taste! All Chobani yogurts are free of preservatives, artificial flavors, and synthetic growth hormones (Milk from cows not treated with rBST).

I LOVE Chobani because it is not only packed with five live and active cultures, including three probiotics, but because it's made with twice the protein of regular yogurts, is Gluten-Free, and Kosher-Certified. And honestly, who wouldn't want to enjoy their yogurt with real fruit?

You should visit Chobani's website to get some coupons, and go to the store so you can try some Chobani if you haven't already! I know for a fact Safeway and Costco sells 'em!

When Chobani got in touch with me, I was SO EXCITED, I couldn't contain myself--so when a box of their Greek Yogurt made it to my mailbox all the way from New York, I was ECSTATIC!! I couldn't hardly wait to try ALL the different flavors they sent me..

The very first Chobani I tried was...

I was so surprised by the creamy texture; the perfect combination of the sweet and tangy taste from chunks of fresh pineapple... I was most concerned about this flavor because I LOVE pineapple so much, and of course I would be a tough sell. Conclusion? SOLD! Try it.. even if you think you don't like pineapple:)

Next on my CHO fest adventure was...

Mmmm, again--super creamy with the perfect amount of fresh mango chunks. The balance between sweet and tart was perfected down to the science, and left me wanting more!

Next in the lineup.. Black Cherry

Black Cherry
I'm not a HUGE fan of Cherry anything unless it's fresh.. so Chobani's Black Cherry Greek Yogurt must be FRESH, since I loved every bite of this non-fat delight... Again, super creamy--must be a Greek Yogurt thing--or perhaps a Chobani thing?

This one grabbed my attention...

Pomegranate Yogurt!? That's creative! ...And flippin' tasty! Such an interesting flavor, I was happily surprised at how much I enjoyed this non-fat Greek yogurt... filled with an antioxidant punch to wake up your taste buds:)

Mmmmm Strawberry Banana...

Strawberry Banana
I knew this flavor was going to be divine.. I think CHO says it best; "it's berry good!" I concur!

Other flavors I've tried, but are not pictured:

Blueberry: YUMMERS! Obviously a favorite and used in most of my mixes...

Blueberry CHO tastes like fresh blueberries packed with antioxidants and is perfect for any time of day. I still can't believe how creamy EVERY flavor is, non-fat or low-fat = epic!

Strawberry: Also a favorite! I enjoy the strawberry by itself, because I never want anything to take away from the amazing strawberries they pack in there... I love opening my CHO and mixing it like crazy... I know there are TONS of recipes, but Mmmm, I'm a Baby CHO.. right now, I'm still enjoying them AS - IS =)

Just in case you were curious.. Good to Know! (GTK)
Peach: Sliced peaches in every bite... I'm drooling just thinking about the peach... I actually use this flavor the most, and prefer it in my Over Night Oats in a Jar over the other flavors--although I use ALL of them for fun:) 

Lemon: WOW! I thought for sure I was going to take a bite and say "thanks, but no thanks!" --- I was wrong! I licked this cup clean!! The creaminess made the lemon pie taste irresistible! The combination is seriously genius, and I can't wait until I find this flavor again!

Flavors I still need to try: 

Plain^ (Non-fat + Low-fat)

I'm tempted to go to Safeway RIGHT NOW to see if they have any of those flavors I haven't tried yet.. each store seems to have different flavors AND clearly the popularity here in the Islands is no secret because in some locations they are cleaned OUT of our CHO brands!!

I am so fortunate to be following such awesome bloggers where Chobani came up in their conversation(s) to spark my interest... and I'm doubly thankful that Chobani got in touch with me to share their product, as clearly it is something to indulge in on a daily basis. --Oh, and I do!

I encourage YOU, especially if you haven't already.. to give Chobani a chance. Get yourself a cup, any flavor.. and CHO will do the rest -- you'll be hooked for life; I promise:)

*Disclaimer: While I received the yogurt for free from Chobani, the opinions and reviews are my own.

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Andrea said... [Reply]

just had the raspberry today and i was pleasantly surprised. i ONLY like raspberry flavored foods if they taste like FRESH raspberries. it was yum! and btw, i eat a CHO/granola/fresh strawberry concoction every morning :) Gotta get my hands on the pineapple! haven't seen that one around here.

Jennʻs Adventureʻs said... [Reply]

CHO/Granola/fresh fruit is.the.BEST!! Thanks for letting me know how awesome raspberry is--It's definitely next on my list!! And let me know what you think of the pineapple! =)

Nessa @ island style running said... [Reply]

bwahahaha seems like I'm not the only one who threw a 30 day challenge out the window! LOL

Too bad I lost my taste for Chobani during pregnancy. Every flavor I try is so sour to me!

Jennʻs Adventureʻs said... [Reply]

I'll get back into the 30 day challenge Q's -- as should you sister -- I miss your posts!! AND all you need to make your CHO taste friendlier during this pregnancy is NUTELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MmmmmMMmmmmMmm!!

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