Nothin' But Good

What a beautiful morning... the air is brisk, my coffee is hot, and it's completely quiet except for the wind flowing through the palm trees, the ocean breaking on the sand, and the birds singing.

Exactly how I like it. I love waking up like this.. 

No talking..
No TV..
No radio.. 

Just nature.

It's still early morning here on Maui, and as I peacefully and slowly wake up, the bf is WIDE AWAKE with one leg of his trip already complete. While I was getting in the last of my beauty sleep he successfully traveled from Huntsville to Denver and is now seated on his flight from Denver to here...

As I stretched out on my queen bed this morning, I acknowledged the fact that I've been getting comfy-cozy in the middle of this bed--at an angle--regularly since [unfortunately] being boyfriendless. I can't help but consider carefully how this week will pan out.. While I love to snuggle, I'm almost positive it will reinforce my desire for that beautiful, plush Cal-King I have in storage!

Kidding aside, I am completely excited to see my Man. While we have tons of fun things planned, I wouldn't be surprised if we simply do nothing together. That will be okay--as long as we're together:)

I will; however, be off the grid once again, and wanted to let everyone know ahead of time so you didn't think it really was the end of the world and you were left behind.. ha. ha.

Here's a few quick-pics from last weekend's adventure to Hana, Maui:)

One of the many waterfalls you'll see from the road

One of MANY stands you'll see along your journey
Well.. hello there!
Headed to Campsite
Our set-up

My reward
I think I'm going to end on that note.. I have SO many more pictures to share, and I seriously can't wait to compose an entire post about the very beautiful Hana. It is an incredible place, and if you ever find yourself on Maui, you just have to make time to go.

I'm off to endure an intense paddle sesh and will be picking the bf up from the airport this afternoon..

Have a great Saturday friends!! 

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Suz and Allan said... [Reply]

Love the pictures especially the cows!!!

Cara @ EAT. PRAY. RUN. said... [Reply]

Reading this post made me feel relaxed! Envious of your paddle sesh - I don't know about the 'intense' part but I love getting out on the water to SUP. The pic you commented on wasn't stagecoach but stagecoach IS awesome...the best country music artists all together for days and days of music -- yes please! :)

The Cat Hag said... [Reply]

It sounds heavenly where you are, have fun! :)

The Cat Hag

Samantha said... [Reply]

Have fun with the BF! Camping looks like it was tons of fun!

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