Softly As I Leave You..

I wasn't going to post anything today because life has been pretty hectic, but I had to share this as it seemed appropriate for May..

On Sunday I went to visit my sweet Grandma and hang out with her for the afternoon. Through out our conversations, she kept telling me that she had this song in her head that went..

♪ ♫ "emily, emily, emily" .. ♫ ♪

We should have known it was Frank... We love Frank:)

Here are the lyrics to Emily from Frank Sinatra's Album:
Softly As I Leave You:

Emily, Emily, Emily
Has the murmuring sound of May
All silver bells, coral shells, carousels
And the laughter of children at play

Say Emily, Emily, Emily
And we fade to a marvelous view
Two lovers alone and out of sight
Seeing images in the firelight
As my eyes visualize a family
They see Emily, Emily

(And we fade to a marvelous view)
Two lovers alone and out of sight
Seeing images in the firelight
As my eyes visualize a family
They see Emily, Emily

One more thing... 

May Day is Lei Day in Hawai'i -- a very special day celebrating people and traditions of a culture that has tested time. And as I find myself here on the mainland, this very special day is being tainted with graffiti, angry protests, blatant vandalism and other animalistic outbreaks of people running amok in the city resulting in several business closures for safety, which has took the wind outta my sails on an otherwise great way to kick off May!

If you have no idea what I'm talking about -- lucky you -- let's move on! Last year I wrote a very special post explaining this very special day, and I hope you take a minute to read it:) You can also read about May Day being Lei Day on my newest blogger friend from Hawai'i, Frikken Duckie (a.k.a. Jessica;)

Hope you're having a great week so far -- chin up towards a new month filled with opportunity!

Tell me... 

What is one thing you are looking forward to in May?

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misszippy said... [Reply]

How nice that you get to spend time with your grandma and bond like that! And happy lei day to you!

Boston Bound Brunette said... [Reply]

Happy Lei Day. I am looking forward to continued healing with my injury! I hope May is a better month for me. Glad you and your Grandma were able to share that moment. Life is so short and we have to savor every moment!

Suz and Allan said... [Reply]

Rachel and I both love Frank too!

I'm really looking forward to Mother's Day because we are all getting together at Allan's Mom's and my family will be there too.

Oooh and it's our anniversary this month!

Elle said... [Reply]

Happy Lei Day.

I hope you enjoy some sunshine and beautiful flowering trees today.

I am looking forward to running my first half marathon on May 13th, which is Mother's Day. And getting our apartment furnishing finished so I can get to the decoration part!

Nessa @ Isle Style Living said... [Reply]

YAY! I just found Frikken Duckie, too =)

Happy Lei Day Sistren!

Lisa@RunWiki said... [Reply]

Happy Lei Day!
I am looking forward to running some is so green right now with a sea of wildflowers.. <3

Calvin said... [Reply]

Happy Lei Day. Hang in there!

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