Kashi Pulled from Shelves Due to GMO's!

First and formost I should admit to not being completely surprised by this since Kashi sold themselves out to Kellogs.

However, I am so proud of the Green Grocer for stepping up to the plate by yanking Kashi products from their shelves:

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The yellow signs read: “You might be wondering where your favorite Kashi cereals have gone. It has recently come to our attention that 100% of the soy used in Kashi is Genetically Modified and that when the USDA tested the grains used there were found to be pesticides that are known carcinogens and hormone disruptors.”

That's one of the few times I may ever muster a "thank you" to the USDA. As consumers it is our right to know these details. We are unaware of political B.S. and are bullied and blinded by the false pretense that the FDA and USDA are out to protect us. They're not.

In my opinion, there is nothing worse than thinking you're eating healthy when in reality you may not be.

It is news like this:

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...that make us more informed and can therefore make better choices when we're shopping.

Make the effort to know the corporate family trees, and the small companies that sell themselves out to the big companies--IE: Kashi, LARABAR, Back to Nature, Muir Glen--just to name a few.

Is one of your favorite "Natural" companies tangled up in that web? They are [potentially] corrupt!


I've posted the image above on my facebook page several weeks back, so hopefully this isn't a complete shock to you, but if it is, I'm so glad you're seeing it now.

At the very least, I hope people who would otherwise not know, know.

If you have a minute, please continue to read the following posts:

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And if you want to know even more, watch this:

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Also, if you missed yesterday's post about labeling, please click here to read it & sign the petition--we only have until this Friday!

Happy Wednesday!

Any other companies we should be aware of, like Kashi, that use GMO's? 

Until the FDA mandates GMO ingredients to be labeled, we will forever be in the dark and have to depend on Organic products as well as the the Non GMO Project. To sign the petition; click here.

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Suz and Allan said... [Reply]

Hmm, I'll be interested to see if I see this posted at the grocery store tomorrow when I go.

Jennʻs Adventureʻs said... [Reply]

@Suz and Allan Depending on the grocery store you go to, I highly doubt you will even notice a difference or see a similar display--which is why I give major props and kudos to the Green Grocer in RI! They are taking a stand by saying, "Hey, we don't support GMO's and want nothing to do with them in our enterprise."

The U.S. grocery stores are filled with products with the SAME GMO ingredients as Kashi -- we just aren't enlightened to it because the FDA has yet to mandate labeling. Another huge reason to get involved and sign the petitions to build a voice the government agencies will have to listen to.

If you (& others) want to take matters into y(our) own hands (as best as you can), look for the NON GMO Project Verified logo on products, and stick to organic foods:)

Pam said... [Reply]

So this says "100% of soy used in Kashi" but a lot of Kashi cereals have the green & white organic label on them. How can that be if they are using GMOs???? I didn't think something could be labeled as organic if it had GMOs???

Holly said... [Reply]

I think that is why they are being pulled Pam. Because they are trying to say they are All organic, etc etc and in fact...they weren't and aren't. They have been lying to consumers.

Holly said... [Reply]


There is actually a website you can go to as well and look up if your restaurant is really an organic place like some are starting to claim. There is only ONE true organic restaurant in all of Tacoma even though more and more are trying to now saying they are 100% organic. They know organic is what a lot of consumers are after so they think if they claim that, they will make more money. But really all its doing is losing the integrity behind their name.

The Grocer said... [Reply]

@Pam Pam, I wanted to clarify our sign. First not all of Kashi's cereals have soy in them. They do have four organic sku's that are GMO free and have the green & white label on them. Our store is still carrying three of these certified organic cereals. Also, we removed Kashi, Bear Naked, Barbara's and Peace Cereal from our shelves for this reason, so please don't think it was just targeting Kashi.

Calvin said... [Reply]

News like this is why you're my #1 Stop for Vegan information.

Gretchen@HealthfulMama said... [Reply]

Hi There! I appreciate the link to my article on the Kashi issue. I like what you have goin' on here and you are saying what I am, too: let's hope more people are informed about this GMO nonsense.

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