I Cannot Unlearn This Information

I have inundated myself with information I cannot unlearn.

While I attempt to sort through everything and create topics to share appropriately here on the blog, I am beyond overwhelmed with where to start... which might explain this passionate post.

I want to share and keep sharing, especially to those who are unaware, or simply do not have the time to research these unfortunate realities about what we are eating.

Do you know what you are eating? When we visit the grocery store we assume because it is on their shelves it is safe to consume, and this couldn't be further from the truth.

In fact, trolling the produce aisle isn't safe anymore. People stocking up on fruits and veggies may be defeating the purpose merely because what they are buying could be genetically modified unless it is labeled organic. As I explained in this post, the PLU or Item number must start with a 9 to be organic. If it starts with an 8, it is in fact a GMO; however because GMOs are not required to be labeled, it's fair game on all other numbers EXCEPT 9. Make sense?

I am a huge advocate for Just Label It. Organic farmers have to go through hoops and loops to verify or prove they are organic, yet the farmers injecting his or her crops with poison hormones and other toxic proteins do not? That doesn't make sense AT ALL if you ask me!

We all deserve the right to make informed choices. Start by watching this video:

Robyn said that it is about making changes by trying to eat less processed food, and that it is about progress not perfection. While I agree with this, I must say that if you did the research yourself, I can almost promise you, you would become physically ill and consciously avoid such toxins found in most foods.

It starts by paying attention to what's in food. It progresses by research, and grows by passion. I hope this video and the posts I publish here on this blog inspire you to be deliberate about your food choices.

What small changes could you implement to clean up your eating habits?

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Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said... [Reply]

The number one "bad" thing in my diet is soda. Diet soda to make matter potentially worse. I know it is not good for me and has no value outside of my enjoyment of it. Currently I limit my consumption and periodically remove it from my diet. The reality is I hope the efforts I make help limit the negative effects. I try to remember that my life here is limited and I will leave this life one day. I want to enjoy my life fully while attempting to lengthen or at least not shorted the number of days I have with my family and friends.
I eat as close to the earth (my garden/local meat) as much as I can (afford/supply my family with). I just want to balance the need for good choices with not forbidding anything. Does that make sense? Luckily I am (and my family is) a work in progress.
As always, Thanks for all the great information.

Pam said... [Reply]

I always buy organic when it is an option at the grocery. And I just did something that's going to make it easier this summer--I joined a certified organic CSA! So excited about this.

Nicole said... [Reply]

Thanks again Jenn! My worst diet sins are diet Pepsi and too much sugar. I know how bad sugar is, but I enjoy it and am lazy. I'm working on it though.

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