Moving Day!

Good Morning!

Just in case I didn't have time, I wanted to let you know today is MOVING DAY!! Can I get a WOOT WOOT!? Yesterday we cleaned, and today we are hauling half of our 40ft container to an itty bitty condo.

I can hardly put into words how relieved I already feel to know we will be out of this hotel! While endless supply of bath towels, toilet paper, and kleenex is quite the luxury, I need my SPACE! And while I wish we were unpacking in a more permanent place, this will have to do!

I will try to post again today if I get time -- I'd like to share with you all what I've been eating as of late. If you caught all my late-night tweets, you already got a sneak-peak!

Until then, check out my YMX by YellowMan giveaway, the Handful Bra giveaway, and the Rafflecopter iPad/Kindle giveaway!! Also, if you missed yesterday's Tech-y Tuesday post, please stop by and give me some feedback!



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Jen said... [Reply]

Happy Moving Day to you!!!!

Suz and Allan said... [Reply]

Be safe moving today! Wish we were there to help you guys get moved and settled in.

Elle said... [Reply]

Have fun - I love moving. I must, I do it twice a year!

AmandaonMaui said... [Reply]

I hope you have an easy move. :)

Christina @ The Athletarian said... [Reply]

WOOHOO! Finally!! I am so happy that you and the fam are off to a more comfortable place now! xoxo

Jenny @ The Little J-Bird said... [Reply]

Hope the move goes well! :)

Ali Mc said... [Reply]

Happy moving day :) hope everyone you know helps you and it's effortless and filled with good food :)

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