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Look what I found in my drafts folder! Oops! Instead of deleting it, I thought we'd just go back to the future for this WIAW:)


Welcome to the What I Ate Wednesday Party hosted by the lovely Jenn, author of Peas & Crayons! To catch up on my previous WIAW posts and see my good eats & finds check out these posts:

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Clearly, I am officially addicted to this food party! I especially look forward to sharing even more of what's on my plate, in my kitchen, in my garden--what I'm buying and so on--in future posts once I'm settled from the recent move.

Every morning it is all about a green drink! I have an actual "Green Drink" recipe that I'll share in another post -- but lately I have just been sticking with the juice elixers!

[side note: a fabulous 10-day breakfast juice jump-starter is fresh watermelon juice with brewer's yeast. amazing liver cleanse, let alone your entire body]

In my fridge I found an apple, lemon, celery, collard greens, tomato, and ginger -- so I threw in a cup of almond milk and blended everything together in the VitaMix. It tasted so good! It made about 4.5 cups, so a little goes a long way!

Raw Pizza + Kale Salad with Zucchini Noodles 
My Mom and I were running errands in town and decided to take a break and refuel at Choice Health Bar. I've been several times, but this was my Mom's first time so I was excited to dive in to some good grinds. We both ordered off the Daily Special's Menu -- Kale Salad with zucchini noodles and a raw pizza. I can't seem to get the pizza out of my mind. Every bite tasted straight up like pizza!!!! I kept taking note of flavors and all I could think about was how I plan on recreating this with my Excalibur! I say this every time raw pizza is brought up, by the way;)  The Kale salad was phenomenal -- it was a flavor change our palates desperately needed. One of the great things about eating out, especially at raw/vegan places is the inspiration you get.


The raw/vegan lifestyle is completely new to my family--my brother and I flirted with the lifestyle years ago; however, our immediate change and strict principle for eating this way is not without a struggle for each of us. My Dad has always been a "meat and potatoes" kind of guy and is craving "substance" and "hot" food and thinks he's malnutrition eating rabbit food, so the challenge to create amazing meals aside from just salads is heavy on my shoulders.

Now that I am in Seattle, it is clearly going to be an everyday debate on what he should/shouldn't eat. He boast to friends how he's completely changed his way of eating, (which he has--we all have!) yet complains to me and makes my blood boil over with his defiant blabber about eating this or eating that. I am all about venting and letting out frustration; however, I feel he is on automatic defense mode and attacks me or provokes me. There are key things he (we) should not be eating: dairy, animal products, soy, and gluten for example. Period!

My ultimate goal is to give him what he wants in an alternative way, so if you are a raw food guru, please share any tips/advice or even your favorite websites/blogs to help me out! I found several I frequent, but the more the merrier, for sure.

Ahhh, can't hardly wait to be settled in new rental where I can unpack and start setting up my kitchen, and purchase superfoods in bulk. I plan on making tons of food non-stop so there is a plethora of options for "grab 'n go" meals and more importantly portion controlled meals. It's only day five here in the Emerald City, but day two I realized I need to prepare my Dad's meals! This is actually not a chore for me because I love being in the kitchen and when I used to cater meals, I would prep plates anyway. Win/Win!

What are you eating?
What are you juicing? 
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Fran@BCDC said... [Reply]

I have GOT to try a green smoothie...that's it...

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said... [Reply]

I wish I liked cooking as much as I like eating then maybe I could be more creative with cooking. My husband is such a meat and potatoes guy he whines if I make veggie based meals. So annoying, so cook for yourself!

Wym said... [Reply]

Taking care of and worrying about Dad is something I am very familiar. My Dad is very sick and our family struggles with finding ways to prolong his life. I have been amazed over the years as he quit smoking, drinking heavily, and incorporating more balanced diet. He still lives by the idea of a big steak dinner is a treat and processed food is great for breakfast.
It is impossible to control a persons habits or convert a peson who does not want help. Men, in my experience, love to rebel when a woman starts in on one of their faults. i say tread light girl. he will come around in his own way.

Shannon from Healthiful Balance said... [Reply]

Loving the green smoothie! :)
Happy WIAW!

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