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My girl Angela, author of Ma Belle la Vie bestowed The Versatile Blogger award to me, and I couldn't be more honored!! I would be lying if I said I didn't envy other bloggers who get cool awards like these--so I luuuuuuuurve receiving these! Thanks girlie:)

My 3rd Blog Award!
Did you know Ma Belle la Vie translates to My Beautiful Life? How beautiful is that!? If you don't already follow Angela--you need to. She's a beautiful 20-something grad-student who loves to dance and appreciates coffee as much as I do! She also has amazing taste in music, owns every season of friends, and well--just go to her blog and follow her to learn more about her awesomeness.

Here's how this works:

1) Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to their post ✓
2) Share seven things about yourself ✓
3) Pass this award to 15 recently discovered blogs ✓

Here's a few fun facts you may or may not already know about me:

1) I am my own doppelgänger!!

2) I was not kidding when I said I collected Starbucks cards! My Starbucks and Starbucks Card addiction is slightly RIDIC.

3) I get super offended if someone "shhhhh's" me. Rude.

4) I’m really into health & wellness – I can’t handle it when people don’t take care of themselves. If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?

5) I go absolutely CRAZY when people forget their blinker is on. CRAZY!

6) Music (and driving) are cures to a bad day. ..& I REALLY wish I had access to a race track when I owned this beauty...

7) I am a closet nerd. HTML whore? Pretty sure my boyfriend is proud.

Here are the 15 lovelies I am paying it forward to:)

1) Brooke @ Southern Love
2) Beth @ Running Around My Kitchen
3) Wymberley @ A Tall Order
4) Elle @ Eat, Run, Sail
5) Sarah @ Get Up & Go
6) Babygirl @ Love in A (Not So) Perfect World
7) Jen @ One Day at a Time
8) Courtney @ Third Time's a Charm
9) Jackie @ Wine Down
10) Stephanie @ The Rest is Still Unwritten
11) Suz @ Cows & Lasers
12) Vanessa @ Island Style Running
13) Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem
14) Sarah @ Sweet & Savory
15) Meg @ Watch MeGo Run

Thanks again to Angela for awarding me for the Versatile Blogger -- it was a pleasant surprise to say the least:)

If you weren't tagged but want to be--consider yourself tagged!! Link me back to you post, so I know and I'll spread the word! Also, make sure you check out all the above mentioned bloggers -- they are great:)

Have a FABULOUS weekend!!

What Blogger Awards have you won so far?
Any special plans this weekend?
Don't forget to make this recipe tonight! YUM! 

If you are a reader and haven't yet followed me via Google Friend Connect located on the top right of my Blog's Sidebar, please do so! Following, Subscribing, or commenting on my Blog is the biggest compliment you can give!

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Ma Belle La Vie said... [Reply]

You are so sweet- thank you so much for the awesome shout out! I'm with you on the blinker thing- really? How do you forget that? And driving/listening to music always makes me feel better! Have a great day lady!

Suz and Allan said... [Reply]

Thanks Jenn! I'm going to have to do this one next week. I really appreciate the tag!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said... [Reply]

I am so touched! and following you now too! Thanks for the votes, it means so much to me!!!
I cant stand it when people don't take care of them selves either. I have been trying to find your blog so thanks for leaving me a link!

Elle said... [Reply]

Aw, thanks for this. You are so sweet.

I am dying for the 3rd installment of your big surprise story!

Courtney said... [Reply]

Thanks Jenn!! Totally agree about the blinker comment! Can't wait to do this post!

Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen said... [Reply]

Thanks SO MUCH Jenn! You made my day and what a great way to learn about all of these other fabulous blogs :)

Christina @ The Athletarian said... [Reply]

Haha I love this! Congrats on getting the award! I'm with you on the blinker thing. It drives me nuts! Also, the health and wellness point you made - i completely agree. We only get one body...better do what we can to keep it around as long as possible!

Megan said... [Reply]

Congrats on your award! And yessssss, I hate when people have their blinkers on for miles and miles. I know they can hear it!!

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