'Ōlelo Hawai'i #3

Guess what! It's Monday.. and you know what that means!

...'Ōlelo Hawai'i!!

If you haven't read 'Ōlelo Hawaii #1 and/or 'Ōlelo Hawaii #2, go ahead and catch up before continuing so you understand the basics.

I'll refresh your palate with the Hawaiian Alphabet & pronunciation...

A ... [pronounced: ah]

E ... [pronounced: a]

I ... [pronounced: e]

O ... [pronounced: oh]

U ... [pronounced: ooh]

'Okina (glottal stop) [pronounced: oh-key-na]

Kahakō (macron) [pronounced: kah-ha-ko]

H ... [pronounced: he or hey]

K ... [pronounced: ke or kay]

L ... [pronounced: la]

M ... [pronounced: mu or moo]

N ... [pronounced: nu or new]

P ... [pronounced: pi or pee]

W ... [pronounced: we or vay]

Are you getting used to saying Ah, A, E, Oh, Ooh, 'Okina, Kahakō, He [hay], La, Mu, Nu, Pi [p], We [vay] yet?

Let's learn more vocabulary...

Ha'awina 'Ekolu Vocabulary

a [ah] - and (with verbs and sentences)
aloha [ah-low-ha] - love, hello, goodbye
'ekolu [ehh-koh-loo] - three
hale [haw-lay] - house, building
haole [how-lay] - white person, English, American, foreign
haumana [how-mon-uhh] - student
hau'oli [how-oh-lee] - happy
hou [ho] - new, again
ia [yah] - he, she, it (see 'o ia below)
i'a [ee-ah] - fish
inoa [e-no-uh] - name
ka [kah] - the
kahiko [kah-he-ko] - old
kaikamahine, kaikamāhine (pl.) [kuh-eye-kah-ma-he-nay]  - girl
kaumaha [kow-ma-ha] - sad, heavy
ke [kay] - the
keiki [kay-key] - child
keiki kāne [kay-key kaw-nay] - boy
kona [ko-nah] - his, her
kou [ko-ooh] - your
ko'u [ko-ooh] - my
kula [koo-la] - school
kumu [koo-moo] - teacher
li'ili'i [lee-e-lee-e] - small
lole [low-lay] - clothes, dress, cloth
mahalo [ma-ha-low] - to thank, to admire
mai'a [my-ah] - banana
maika'i [my-kuh-e] - good
manu [ma-new] - bird
mea [may-ah] - thing, person
momona [mo-moan-ah] - fat, sweet, fertile
mu'umu'u [moo-ooh-moo-ooh] - Hawaiian dress
[noh] - indeed; emphatic marker
'o [oh] - nominative marker
'o ia [oy-yah] - he, she
ʻōlelo [oh-lay-low] - to speak, to say
ʻōlelo Hawai'i [oh-lay-low, huhh-vuh-e] - Hawaiian Language; to speak Hawaiian
'olu'olu [oh-loo-oh-loo] - kind, pleasant, cool, comfortable, nice, charming
'ono [oh-no] - delicious
Pākē [pah-kay] - Chinese
peni [peh-nay] - pencil
pepa [pay-pah] - paper
puke [poo-kay] - book
wai [v'eye] - who (only in questions)
wīwī [vee-vee] - thin

Idioms & Phrases 

A hui hou [ah-who-e-hoe] - Goodbye (lit. until we meet again)
A hui hou aku nō ah-who-e-hoe-ah-koo-no] - Goodbye indeed (in reply)
E 'olu'olu 'oe [ay-oh-loo-oh-loo-oy] - Please (lit. be nice)
'O wai kou inoa? [oh-w'eye-ko-ee-no-ah] - What (lit., who) is your name?

We still haven't jumped into the basic mechanical or technical side of things yet, but we will in due time. If you're into this and truly are attempting to catch a little ʻōlelo Hawai'i, keep practicing spelling words verbally (in Hawaiian), and pronouncing everything correctly, and try to memorize the vocabulary.

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Suz and Allan said... [Reply]

A hui hou is going to be my Hawaiian phrase of the week because I can pronounce that correctly!

Nessa @ Isle Style Living said... [Reply]

Maika'i loa ku'u Kinipela!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I think this stuff is so cool. I went home and told my mom about this stuff. She thought it was so cool!!(: <3 this post. Please add more.

Jennʻs Adventureʻs said... [Reply]

Thanks friend! I promise to post more -- keep checking back:)

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