Epic Surprise - Take I

Guess what?

It's October!

What happened to September!?

It seriously feels like yesterday I received a phone call from my boyfriends’ best friend. He had this master plan he wanted to share with me about surprising the bf for his birthday [in September].

It wasn't even July yet and I honestly didn't have any intentions of visiting Alabama again for awhile since I had just moved back to Maui after living there for almost two years—so needless to say—I was caught off guard!

I had to give it to him though, his plan was genius, beyond thoughtful, and if it went down exactly how we hoped, it would with out a doubt be the best surprise to go down in history.

Without committing to the idea, I told him I would research flights to see how much it would cost and we would go from there. I was very apprehensive about the idea, because I didn’t like the idea of traveling across the country with out my man even knowing! Not to mention the set-up lies I would have to construct from that point on.

After some immediate, thorough, and tactical flight searches, I found the cheapest multi-destination round-trip ticket I have ever found departing Maui to God's Country and back. When I found this flight, and knew I would be booking it, I wanted to run everything by my Mom first, get her opinion before biting the bullet. We deemed the master plan an awesome theory, but confirmed this would be the hardest kept secret of my life!

With my Mom's blessing, I called my bf's bff to get his verbal approval for the flight and confirm we were in fact going through with this master plan! I reluctantly purchased the flight, holding my breath the entire process.

So far our very rough surprise plan simply included me flying in to Birmingham Friday, September 2, and someone would be there to pick me up. How the actual surprise would go down was still up in the air, and I wasn’t completely sold.

What I was sold on was the epic-ness of this faraway weekend. If you read this post from Suz, than you already know about our successful Lake-House-Auburn-Home-Game-Reunion-weekends. In addition to this immanent yet faraway weekend being the first reunion since last season, it was my man’s birthday weekend! Timing to see everyone just couldn’t be better. We all had to be there!

It took all I had not spill the news every.single.time I spoke with the bf. We spent the Fourth of July weekend together in Las Vegas and I didn’t crack—I was so proud, and began building my backstory; however, this is also when my anxiety kicked in—not wanting the master plan to get spoiled.

If you are wondering, my backstory (or epic lie as I refer to it) was strategically eluded in this post, blaming my paddling obsession and long-distance season was an easy and otherwise accurate reason I couldn’t visit. My “closer” was pushing him to come visit here for his birthday. I sold that lie like it was my job.

As the days continued we massaged our surprise method and decided the boyfriend (unbeknownst to him) would pick me up from the airport – and our scapegoat? Our awesome friend who routed his flight from Boston to Birmingham instead of Atlanta like he usually does—which was scheduled to arrive 10 minutes AFTER MY FLIGHT! Can you say perfect?! Apparently this was easier than adding on to the lies—do you remember this post ... and this post? Tough weekend for our Boston friend!!

So after all of this, maybe three weeks out -- how do you think I reacted when my boyfriend shared with me through conversation that he volunteered for a work trip (the week I would be out)?

To be continued……

Have you ever planned a huge surprise for someone?

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Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen said... [Reply]

Hey - great blog! I've just entered this whole new world… Anyway, I can't believe your story - oh noooo! I love surprises and my husband and I have both pulled a few good ones off (think planning one of his besties to fly out for the weekend, surprise weekend trips) - some work, some don't, I really HATE to keep surprises in and always feel like I'm about to BURST!

Suz and Allan said... [Reply]

Can you believe it's been almost a month?! I feel like I just saw you last week. I can't wait to hear the rest (even if I was there for all of it)!

Jennʻs Adventureʻs said... [Reply]

Beth - Successful surprises are AWESOME, and thankfully this story has a happy ending. HOWEVER, this may or may not be my first and last epic surprise for a WHILE! haha!!

Suz - I seriously can't believe it's been about a month already -- it really does feel like it was last week this adventure took place!

Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen said... [Reply]

Thanks for following and for the advice! I had no idea it would be SOOOO time consuming when I created my blog…but it's the BEST! Bloggers rock and I love "meeting" all these new people and hearing their stories. Can't wait to hear the happy ending to this story :)

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