Epic Surprise - Take II

First and foremost thank you to all my followers!! I absolutely love watching the number go up on the Google Friend Connect--it creates this urgency and accountability to keep sharing my adventures--I love it--mahalo nui loa to each of you!!

Second... I want to apologize for dragging my feet on a) telling this epic surprise story and b) finishing this epic surprise story! I have been in a whirlwind since September 1st, and I am excited to finally share with you this very special adventure. Don't hate me, but I've decided to break the actual surprise story into three parts since it turned into a short novel..

I hope you enjoy our story -- and if you haven't read this post yet, go ahead and get yourself caught up before continuing:)

So here it is, literally three weeks before my departure to surprise the boyfriend--and he shares he has volunteered himself for a work project that will require travel the work-week after Labor Day weekend. Not a problem if I was going to be on the Big Island like I said I would be; but SURPRISE, I was supposed to be in 'Bama!

I almost lost it. I thought about telling him everything. Then I dug my heels in and my innate stubbornness shined through. I decided to sleep on it.

The next day I sent a quick email to [one of] my bf's bosses asking him to call me when ever he had a second to chat. Now before you think I crossed any boundaries, this boss is no stranger to me. For the last year and a half I was able to go on all but one of my bf's work trips and I got to know his team very well. This particular boss is the kind of boss everyone wishes they had--and we have been fortunate to earn his friendship and close out each hard working week with a few cocktails just to roust and shoot-the-shit together.

As soon as the email went through my phone rang--that's just how he is! I gave boss-man the cliff notes of the predicament and stressed I would never want to get in the middle of their work. Nothing like putting someone between a rock and a hard spot, huh? He digested everything and told me he would get back to me in a couple days, and I held my breath!

The following week we connect again and he tells me the same trip is scheduled a few weeks later and that he is scheming to reschedule my man's itinerary. Oh, had I not mentioned everything from airfare, rental car, and lodging had already been booked? Yeah.. Mr. Boss-man RALLIED! Scheming with the boyfriend's boss was definitely unchartered waters for me, but it made this surprise ALL THE MORE AWESOME!

Whew! Wipe the sweat off my brow. Now all we had to do was get through the remaining days with out falling apart or slipping through conversation with the man-of-the-hour. I had recurring nightmares I or someone else let the secret slip -- and let's be honest -- there is nothing worse than a spoiled surprise. Am I right? No way was I going to travel across the country for a spoiled surprise! No, Sir!

As the days got closer everyone's excitement became almost unbearable. Including mine. I seriously thought I was going to burst. Was the surprise going to happen exactly how we planned?

Everyone kept asking me how I thought my boyfriend would react and I told everyone I imagined him saying something like, "Holy Sh!t!" and walking away in disbelief... Then I'd laugh with a smile and say we'd soon find out!

The boyfriend has every other Friday off so he left for Birmingham right after work on Thursday to meet up with his best friend and get their holiday weekend started. I know his bff would never admit it, but he was a wreck inside not wanting to screw anything up and thankfully they both kept busy building a stereo cooler. Engineers, remember?

So, because I live a WORLD AWAY, I had a plane to catch that (Thursday) evening. The bf and I chatted on the way to the airport and of course my love thought I was en route to the Big Island -- Bless his heart:) I explained to him several times prior, and once again that night, I would be off the grid because there isn't any cellphone reception in the desolate area I'd be at while on the Big Island. Which is totally (probably) true!

It was showtime.

I boarded my first flight and occupied my time with these two posts here and here, and realized the next 86,400 seconds would be the longest 24 hours OF MY LIFE!!

To be continued... 

What is the biggest surprise you have pulled off?
This post has ZERO photos. That's weird, right?

Come back tomorrow for the rest of the story;)

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angie on maui said... [Reply]

Um, MORE please! You are such a tease; you really know how to leave your readers hanging! :)

BTW - why do you two live apart? Where did you meet? Have you already written a post about this?

Suz and Allan said... [Reply]

I love that I already know what happens but I'm still excited to read the next post anyway!

Congrats again on winning my giveaway-now I can ship your giveaway win and the rest of your goodies I've bought for you!

Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen said... [Reply]

This keeps getting better and better….and I can't believe you are still holding out on the ending! And I'm with angie on maui - same questions here!

And you don't root for 'Bama football, do you? You know I live in Razorback Nation...

Jennʻs Adventureʻs said... [Reply]

Angie - I actually don't think I ever posted those very important topics LOL!! *Adding those to the list! I vaguely mention our predicament in my "About" page, but both questions definitely deserve a post of their own. I promise tomorrow's post will be worth the wait, and you will LOVE it:)

Suz - I love that you already know everything (because you were there!!) and still want to read about it!!! I also luuuuuuuuurve that I won your amazing giveaway!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! =D

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