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I'm not sure if you have ever noticed before, but on the right sidebar of my blog under miscellaneous is this lil Blogging For Books badge.

Blogging for Books is brought to us by WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing (aka WaterBrook Press, Multnomah Books and Shaw Books), and this program was designed for one purpose: To give out free books to bloggers in exchange for an honest review! Um, yes please--sign me up, I love to read!

I signed myself up actually, and searched to find my very first book. I wasn't sure how to choose, and didn't want to make a regrettable choice--and I'm so happy to share I picked the perfect book to commence my new obsession for Blogging For Books.

Becoming a Woman of Prayer, Strength, & Discipline
Prayerwalk by Janet Holm McHenry caught my eye for a couple of reasons. After reading this book by Max Lucado I was immediately reminded how much I needed to work on my conversations with the Lord. I talk to Jesus all the time, but I lack the prayer He deserves.

I also realized by my definition, I was no longer a woman of Strength and Discipline. I have always had extreme self-control, strength, and discipline; however, for about a year I stopped caring. I found myself in an exercise rut, and lost all my previous passions to be and live healthy--it was bazaar, and unrecognizable!

As I read the excerpt, "Janet Holm McHenry suffered from depression, weight gain, and exhaustion" I realized that was me! I wasn't depressed, but living off-island for six years, wanting to move back since 2007, and moving South for almost two years, living across the country + a body of ocean away from my immediate family--I was exhausted!

Beginning this year back home--in the Islands--with my immediate family--I was eager to read Janet's story, and how her Prayerwalk routine transformed her life (as well as others). Her genuine love for the Lord was alive page after page, and I admired her knowledge as a Christian woman. I prefer to read books by Christian-Natives for lack of words, and Janet referenced the bible accurately and appropriately throughout her book.

Part One of Prayerwalk (Chapters 1-6) is mostly getting the reader into the groove of things, to understand her purpose, the benefits of Prayerwalking (working out), and getting prepared for the journey. Part One sets the reader up for the rest of her story, and even though I may have been reading basic workout tips and safety precautions I already knew--they were great reminders. I especially appreciated the essential stretches Janet shared; however unless you're a novice athlete Part One may be difficult for some to get through--but don't put the book down--simply continue to Part Two.

Part Two of Prayerwalk (Chapters 7-12) I truly felt like I got to know Janet, her family, community, and her relationship with the Lord. I love how she refers to Him as her Personal Trainer throughout the book, and her passion is so apparent--page after page her passion impacts you. I may not be a Prayerwalker or coordinating a Prayerwalk, but I was still completely effected in a positive light after finishing this book.

Janet shares a lot of suggestions (how and what to pray for) spelling out successful ways to Pray and Prayerwalk, which is phenomenal for those seeking structure or guidelines to follow. Personally, I have never liked praying out loud so I enjoyed the example prayers she shared. Throughout the book I found myself impressed with the details, and really admire Janet's honesty and thoroughness.

Janet recognizes persistent prayer, and how we sometimes find ourselves wondering, "is God listening?!" and of course the answer is yes, He is. Anyone who appreciates prayer or wants to appreciate prayer will grow in his or her walk with the Lord by reading this book. This book is guaranteed to inspire, and even includes a study guide in the back--which those close to me know I'm always a fan of!

I think what we realize as we grow older is God is on His own time--not ours. He has plans for us and has already walked the paths before us. If living healthy, fitness, and Christianity is of your interests, you will appreciate Prayerwalk by Janet Hom McHenry:)

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I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group in exchange for this honest review. You can pick up a copy for yourself here!

Do you Blog for Books?
What books have you read recently?
Any must reads I should know about? 

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Julia said... [Reply]

wow! i have never heard of this but absolutely LOVE to read. i need to check this out! fantastic review! thanks for sharing!

Katie @ Will Race for Carbs said... [Reply]

Sounds like a good read! As I look at the blanket of snow outside, I am incredibly jealous of your current location!!

Nessa @ Isle Style Living said... [Reply]

I remember we spoke about this the last time I saw you on Maui... glad you blogged about it!

My fuzzy preggo brain forgot all about it!

PS- great review! I ranked it!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Outstanding review:) With the recent and very unexpected passing of my father and my finances in near shambles I've come to trust God even more, although in a state of tremendous pain. I find great solace in the Bible and books such as "Fearless", "Mere Christianity", etc etc.
I'm looking for a new one now:) Let me know if u can recommend a great one:)

Da Boss

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