Sh!t Happens!

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Not good friends
Now that I'm home I've been organizing photos, editing them accordingly, and right now I was about to compose a kick ass post explaining and illustrating it all in a fancy-fun video; HOWEVER, all of my photos are GONE!

I do have photos from two other friends, including the actual surprise video at the airport; HOWEVER, I had sooooooooo much more photo's and videos AND THEY'RE GONE!!

My face is stuck like this
Words can't even describe how bummed I am because I'm still in shock. I've had several computers in the past crash, die, and vanish, so I'm almost a professional at this, but it never stops sucking.

Are you hiding somewhere in there?!?!

Pictures are priceless -  you are literally capturing a moment in time and get to keep it forever.. My motto is if you don't take a picture, it never happened. I heard that somewhere and LOVED it -- only, I can't remember when, where, or who -- so if you said it -- you're a genius.

It's all your fault -- But I still love you!
I think Apple loves me as much as I love Apple, because my last visit to the Apple Store was RIDIC (Thanks Katy for saying that in your blog, I say it in real life & love that other people do too;)!!

My MacBook is still under warranty so I made an appointment to do a diagnostic and hopefully replace my fans. Not only did Apple do that--but Apple also replaced my battery since apparently it was time. Thanks guys!

In addition to pimping out my [old] MacBook, I asked them about my power cord (phone charger) that seemed to not be working. They tinkered with it, then with my phone and told me to backup everything on my computer. Disappearing to the back while my info transferred, my Apple friends came back with a new power cord--and a new iPhone 4!!

Holy moley - seriously? Score!

This amount of awesomeness threw my boyfriend for a loop for some reason because he was in the process of transferring everything from my [old] MacBook to my new MacBook Pro, and we had to put everything from my phone, onto the [old] MacBook -- which he had already wiped -- sorry babe!

When we got home the bf swore he transferred everything from here to there to everywhere, but somehow my most current pics (IE: this surprise trip!) was completely gone. [insert sad face now]

Forrest Gump said it best  
Fact is, Forrest Gump was right. Shit happens. I am of course disappointed, but at least I have the photos from friends. And even though I can't do ANYTHING with the surprise video because it's a 3GP (Android - YOU SUCK!) I know I will be able to convert it and edit it........soon.

I promise to start from the beginning next time -- I just wanted you all to know why you haven't had the play-by-play since September 1st...

My bad. 

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Suz and Allan said... [Reply]

Oh Jenn, I'm so sorry!!! I'm always terrified that is going to happen to me and Allan thinks I'm being ridiculous. Hugs girl! I haven't posted about that weekend yet either so don't feel too bad!

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