"It's Ok" #3

Once again I am linking up with Amber and Neely for a fun "It's Ok" Thursday post!

It's ok... 

That I love to travel, but hate to fly...

That after countless flight changes and/or cancellation, and credits I still haven't learned to purchase the "Flex Tickets".....

To promise yourself you will indeed purchase a "Flex Ticket" the next time an airline ticket is bought!

To bring your own alcohol when traveling! (This concept was new to me; however I'm thoroughly excited to try it next time thanks to my awesome travel neighbors en route from Maui to Birmingham)!!!

That I am utterly surprised to meet an airline employee that is a) happy b) helpful, and c) both a and b!!

To bring things on travel you know you will never use, do, pick up, or touch again until you return from your destination and unpack..

To attempt and epically fail at scheduling future blog posts prior to leaving on travel...

To attempt and epically fail at blogging while on travel...

To surprise the boyfriend with a visit for his BIRTHDAY!

To secretly compose this "It's Ok" Friday post while the bf thinks I'm doing homework...

If you've been out of the loop, I surprised my boyfriend for his birthday Labor Day weekend, and this adventure goes down in history! I have yet to have time to divulge in the awesomeness, so stay tuned, and stalk me on twitter:)

What do you think is ok today?
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5 love notes:

Christina @ The Athletarian said... [Reply]

I think it's ok that it is almost 11am and I still haven't gotten out of bed. Muahaha. Please share your boyfriend surprise story!!

Jenn said... [Reply]

Just came across your blog and am loving it! New follower!
Jenn@ Going the Distance

Da Boss said... [Reply]

Makin' sweet love listenin' to R&B jamz is oooooookkkkkk...

Cara @ EAT. PRAY. RUN. said... [Reply]

Thank you for your sweet comment! I'm defintely glad to be back and catching up with everyone! Love this post - I say you SHOULD fail at blogging while traveling...you don't want to miss lifes greatest moments hiding behind a laptop! Oh and I think it's okay to have run 17 miles (a few HOURS ago) and have still yet to shower because I can't stop watching this football game ;)

Katy @ Fit In Heels said... [Reply]

Tell me your surprise!!!! And... tell me your Badass giveaway!! Are we doing the same one?? (Side note: I regularly stalk blogs while my husband thinks I'm doing work. You're not alone!)

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