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Today, [day 6] is all about my Fall TV lineup I'm all kinds of excited about -- For me, good TV consists of brilliant writing AND acting skills that blow my mind. I rarely if ever watch live TV anymore, so my DVR has been working overtime... Some days are SO busy, I have multiple conflicts and have to make executive decisions and end up forfeiting shows or watching them online.


Here are my old timers who never let me down:

I missed most of the episodes from last season because of my stupid DVR, so this season I'm making sure that doesn't happen again. I LOVED the double feature Season Premiere, and while I HATE Scherbatsky's hair style, I'm still LOVING this show and have quotes for days from Doogie Howser Barney!! I can't wait to watch tonight's episode...

When this show premiered I was on the mainland very far from home, and literally soaked in the scenery and hung on to every.little.thing. Now that I'm home, I feel less judgmental and can watch the show -- as a show and not a piece of my home. I'm also attached to the cast now and look forward to this new season. The writing, acting, and film quality is enough for me! ...And seriously how awesome is our local boy and [original] Chairman Iron Chef America? Love him!

Castle started out as the bf's must watch show, and in due time I got hooked! I especially enjoyed the last few episodes from last season and I'm already pulled in to this new season, BUT I'm not sure how much more "dancing around" I can do with Castle & Beckett. If you watched the Season Premiere last week, you know Beckett remembered everything, but pretended she didn't. WTF? I'm very curious how the writers will run with this, since to me it seems ridiculously redundant to play cat & mouse with these two, AGAIN.

I just started watching this... 

Just before last season ended I caught a few episodes with my parents and quickly liked the cast. LL's swag pulled me in, and everyone else sealed the deal! I finally watched the Season Premiere and I'm getting excited for this new season. I like these guys! 

I really enjoyed the first episode of...

Two Broke Girls: was HILAR!! If subsequent episodes are as funny as the pilot, I'll be onboard, until then, I'm treading lightly, but still looking forward to tonights episode.     

But what I seriously can't hardly wait for is...

(CW - Premier's Tonight!!)
This show is about two years late for me, but being back on Maui I think I will thoroughly ENJOY watching Rachel Bilson (who I already like) transition into the Alabami lifestyle, which I previously lived from September 2009, until Christmas of 2011. Maybe I'll appreciate it all the more? Maui to California to Alabama, back to Maui... Ohh yes, the reflections of Jenn's Adventures are imminent as I'm sure this show will resurrect several experiences I've yet to share! I've seriously been waiting for tonight's premiere since I heard about it back in July!! 


I haven't seen this show yet...

But I've been hearing nothing but good things and plan on watching it online (eventually).. And is that Katy Perry? (ha ha)

What's the deal with this show?

I actually ended up liking this show!! The bf got bored with the slow build up, but then the last few episodes of last season were attention grabbers -- and now it's gone? Typical!


I started watching Criminal Minds from the very beginning and have adapted to change. So when they canned JJ AND Prentiss, I was pissed. I was not a fan of Agent Seaver only because it seemed as if the writers were trying to slip her in as a JJ replacement, and well -- what ever the drama was, I'm glad it has sorted out because the Season Premier last week was great and I'm STOKED to have the team back. I love this team and obviously don't want to adapt to anymore changes, so I'm glad the writers pulled themselves together.  

I'm not sure if this show is coming back, but Cougar Town makes me laugh and I love it! Some episodes may be stupider than others, but I'm still a fan. I think they're all great actors, and I miss watching this show!

I wet my pants every time I watch this show! I was SO HAPPY Modern Family's Season Premier was also a double feature -- total treat! I'm also glad Haley's boyfriend was left in Wyoming, HOLY Toledo he drove me nuts--I definitely sided with Bossy --er I mean, Claire.

Haven't seen this yet, but I've heard good things--and I love Christina Applegate! I doubt I have room on my DVR to record this on Wednesdays, but I'll definitely catch up online!


The Big Bang Theory also started out as the bf's show and became yet another show I got hooked on. Sheldon cracks me up and the script and jokes hit close to home since my bf and sphere of influence are all genius engineers competing against each other's intelligence. I'm glad Penny and Raj didn't do the deed--because I want her and Leonard to get back together. AND how flippin' awesome is Blossom? Seriously? Epic show!

Also, am I the only one who catches these?

These writers HAVE to be engineers or have a few dictating FOR SURE -- the scripts and extras are just TOO GOOD!

Here's another old favorite...
I loved this show from the very beginning and got my entire family hooked -- the season finale was mind-blowing and I absolutely loved the Season Premiere!! I enjoy watching this team, especially Jane, and strive to be like him in real life (ha ha!) I totally called the ending of the Season Premier, so I'm either a fab writer OR Simon Baker is a ridiculously awesome actor and Patrick Jane can't fool me. Takes one to know one, right?

(FOX - Premier's 11/3)
I ended up missing a lot of episodes last season with this show, too, but Bones will always be a favorite. I love her literalism, and think they compliment each other -- I really just wish they were a couple already -- the bad timing is wearing on me with these two as well. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to the new season come November!

Grey's Season Finale's are ALWAYS mind blowing or life altering -- My very first episode I ever watched was the last five minutes of Season One's Season Finale (Grey learned about McDreamy had a WIFE) and I was hooked ever since. I'm missing a few seasons before and after Izzies deal, but dove back in head-first somewhat blind last season, and still enjoy the show--which is ironic since I loathe all things hospital/doctor. I was shocked the Season Premiere was two hours, and still love the crew -- I'm sure this episode has received a lot of mixed reviews already, but I'm ok with Season Premiers setting me up for future episodes -- and I like a little controversy. IE: Yang. Oh and, is a sink hole that large even possible? WOW!


The very first time I even saw a preview for this show I thought it was "appalling" and told my boyfriend who was laughing hysterically I would most definitely not be watching it with him and that he could on his own time. Well go flippin' figure -- I got suckered in to a couple episodes and now it's on my fall line up! It really is funny, and although STUPID, it's 22 minutes to escape reality and just LAUGH your ass off! ...WOOOOOO!!

This show is also stupid-funny and I enjoy watching episodes whenever I can--I haven't kept up with the seasons, so even reruns are new to me--obviously I'm not dedicated, but I enjoy them when I can!

I just started watching this show -- My parents would have reruns on occasionally, then miraculously my DVR recorded a marathon one day. I like the actors, so I'll most likely dive in this season. If I really like it, I'll get past seasons and catch up.

Hello Handsome. I'm so glad I thoroughly enjoyed the Season Premiere of this show because I heart Jim Caviezel. The Count of Monte Cristo is probably my #1 Favorite movie and well, I just think James is a phenomenal actor. Also, I stopped watching Lost after the first few seasons, so Mr. Finch is solely Mr. Finch to me and I'm liking the fresh eyes I have with this potentially awesome series:)


Here's a show that has disappointed me...

I love all these actors--they are great actors! But the writers? They SUCK! I don't know what happened last season (mid-season) but Adam got gay-er and stupider. I could barely make it through some episodes, and when my DVR stopped recording the shows, I didn't even notice until Season Finales started rolling in. I think this "used to be awesome TV show" has moved to Saturday to die. [insert sad face]


I love lawyer shows -- not all of them, but most, and The Good Wife is definitely one of them. I love that Mr. Big is in this show -- he's such a great actor, as is everyone else and as much as he got under my skin in the Season Premiere, I have a feeling this is gong to be a great season...

What's the deal with...

I've been waiting a VERY LONG TIME for this show to return and can't find when it will premiere again ANYWHERE. It hasn't been cancelled....RIGHT?! If you haven't seen this show, I suggest you watch previous episodes and get caught up before the new season starts -- whenever that will be!

Shows I still love, but haven't kept up with:

I'm so glad I recorded this because I passed out halfway through--I'm getting old and find it difficult to stay up after 9PM...

And last but certainly not least....

Rumor has it there's like seven seasons of this awesome show... but I wouldn't know, because I'm still on Season Three; Episode One -- and I am pacing myself like a marathon runner. It's taking mad self-control not to breeze right through and catch up, but I really don't want to "wait" for episodes -- diva -- I know!

If you made it all the way to the end of this beastly post, you are awesome!
What FALL shows are you looking forward to most? 

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15 love notes:

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said... [Reply]

Psych. Holy crap this is my favorite show in the world.

Suz and Allan said... [Reply]

As you've already deduced from my tv show blog post I'm going to have a pretty similar tv schedule as you. Some I'll watch when they are actually on but several I plan to catch online the next day. I'm probably going to have to call you after Hart of Dixie but I promise no spoilers!

Victoria said... [Reply]

i like himym,burn notice, castle,person of interest, castle, hawaii five-o,bones, the mentalist, bbt, csi:ny.


Nessa @ island style running said... [Reply]

OMG sister you have a lot of fave TV shows!!!


Christina @ The Athletarian said... [Reply]

That is A LOT of TV!!! WOW! The only show I really have time to watch is AMAZING RACE!! Love it!

Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said... [Reply]

Thanks for reminding me to make more time in my life for TV! We don't have ANY Tv since we moved into our new house, and limited internet so we can't even stream anything . CRAZY! I really miss Rules of Engagement and Modern Family. Love em both.

Danielle said... [Reply]

I'm so excited that I not the only one that watches an insane amount of TV. I just set my DVR to record Hart of Dixie. So excited about that! Patrick Jane. LOOOOVE him. He seriously makes me laugh every week with him witty humor. You had to know he didn't kill the real Red John since his story line is based around that. And, Greys. I don't know how people don't watch.

Krissy said... [Reply]

I LOVE Dexter! Just made a post recently about it, actually:


Destini said... [Reply]

I like the thanksgiving treats.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I ABSOLOUTLY LOVE THE BIG BANG THEORY!! Bazinga , Sheldon is my fav. character because of his smart attitude and is hilariously crazy :)

Ryon Ms. Nicely's class

Anonymous said... [Reply]

How I Met Your Mother is Hilaerious!!!!!!!haha:)

Matt from Mrs. Nicely's class

Anonymous said... [Reply]

My favorite t.v. shows are is Tosh.O, Family Guy, Burn Notice, and The American Horror Story!!!!

Colby in Mrs. Nicely's class

Anonymous said... [Reply]

My favorite tv shows are burn notice, Bones and the mentalist.

Alexis from Ms.Nicely's class.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I love How i met your mother and The big bang theory!!! My 2 fav. shows!!!!
Mrs. Nicely's class

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I love how i met your mother andthe bing bang theory. also burn note-hart of dixcy and ncis.Also bones.!!!!!!=)

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