The Fabulousness of Fall

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Today, [day 5] is about things your looking forward to in Fall --

When I think about Fall, miniature pumpkins immediately pop into my head, as do all other things Harvest -- including Halloween.

.....I'm pretty pumped to visit the pumpkin patches and stuff my face with pumpkin pie!

As well as try some new/old fall recipes!

I look forward to festive get-togethers with friends...

And November kicks off Hawaii's very active whale-season...

And BIG WAVES!! :)

What are some things you are looking forward to this Fall?

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Suz and Allan said... [Reply]

I have got to play on interest more. Thank goodness I have a free weekend!

Jenn said... [Reply]

Im looking forward to some Fall recipes too,and being able to curl up with a hot bowl of soup! mmmm!

Elle said... [Reply]

Beautiful pictures!

Thanks for the follow on my blog at Eat, Run, Sail.

I am doing a pumpkin post on my food blog today at
We can begin to feed...

You might like my pumpkin pies too!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I love fall only because the food is great. That is what im looking forward to

Colby in Mrs. Nicley's class

Anonymous said... [Reply]

That wave was huge!!!!!!!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Oh my godness, that wave looks like a sunomi! That wave is HUGE!

Mrs. Nicely's class

Anonymous said... [Reply]

Is that a whale or is that a dolphin???!!!!!!!

Mrs. Nicely's class

Anonymous said... [Reply]

the wine in the pumpkin is realy cute & a smart idea.

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I also love pie!!!!


mrs. nicelys class

Anonymous said... [Reply]


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