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Before diving back into The Maui Chronicles and sharing the very last day of the bf's visit, I thought we could recap the weekend! It was a Beastly weekend for everyone and I have few photos to share:)

In all honesty, I didn't take that many photos--and the ones I did take--didn't come out that great! The *only* camera I have is my iPhone 4, and for long-distance photos, it sucks! Friends are still needing to upload, sort through, and edit what they have, but once I get more I'd love to show off more pictures!

Until then, here are the official HCRA State Regatta Results at Hanakao’o (Canoe) Beach on Maui!

Team Standings

AAAA-Hawaiian 366, Lanikai 307, Kailua 293, Kai Opua 259, Hui Nalu 220, Outrigger 210.

AAA-Keauhoe 220, Lae'ula O Kai 127, Kaneohe 115, Kihei 110.

AA-Puna 123, Waikiki Beach Boys 119, Napili 107, Hui Lanakila 107, Keahiakahoe 105, Wa'akapaemua 89, Wailea 82, Hanalei 82, Na Keiki O Ka Mo'i 80, Leeward Kai 76, Kamehameha 63, Niumalu 48, Lokahi 43, Ka Mamalahoe 32.

A-Na Kai Ewalu 60, Kawaihae 59, Waikiki Surf Club 48, Kalihi-Kai 45, Manu O Ke Kai 42, Healani 39, Kahana 38, Keaukaha 36, Olelo O Keola 34, Paddlers of Laka 31, Koa Kai 31, Lahaina 29, Hui Wa'a O Waiakea 24, Tui Tonga 23, Kai 'Ehitu 17, Molokai 15, Kukui O Molokai 15, Alapa Hoe 12, Waimanalo 12, Kaiola 7, Kona Athletic Club 6, Hawaiian Outrigger 6, Waikiki Yacht Club 5, Windward Kai 4, Kai Oni 4, Kawaikini 3, North Shore 3, Honolulu Pearl 3, Hana 1, Na Wa'a Hanakahi 0.

It was such a fun event! About every Canoe Club had food tents, and there were a lot of different venders selling all kinds of unique Polynesian merchandise. The best are all small business owners and only sell on their Island so we I get a little crazy with the impulse buys!

I spent way too much, but c'mon, in reality it's priceless--I would have otherwise been super bummed I didn't get something. In fact, I'm actually bummed I didn't snatch those two shirts above -- my friends Auntie did, and I'm suuuper jealous! Ah!


I talked to the boyfriend briefly after his Spartan Beast Race in Vermont... Not only did he look like death, but he sounded like death, and I was still at Canoe Beach with hundreds of other people not giving him the sensitivity he probably needed! He said he was going to shower and go to bed, and ended up calling me back hours later for a mini recap.

First of all, here are the results. Can you believe that 41 year old beast who finished in 1:13:03.9?!?! WTF?!?! Is that even possible?!?! Considering he's a Vermont native, perhaps he's been practicing--but either way--that's ridiculous!

The bf said the course was more like a 90 degree incline hike and he about blew out his knee in the second mile...

However he refused to quit and declined the dignified exit at mile three! Somewhere in the 12 mile debacle they ran through fire...

Good Job boys! You may not have finished in just over an hour--but you finished!! You've both earned your bragging rights:)

Did you run any races this weekend?

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Christina @ The Athletarian said... [Reply]

HEY! Found you via Living Aloha :) Looks like you are living in paradise too! I'm a bit jealous, as I have a deep love for Hawaii since I visited last year. I would do ANYTHING to live there. ANYTHING. It is definitely one special place. Aloha :)

Suz and Allan said... [Reply]

Love all the shots from both races. Now it's my turn to tell you to take more pictures at your races. Haha, j/k. No races last weekend but I'm about to sign up for all the ones I'm running this fall. Love and miss you girl!

Jennʻs Adventureʻs said... [Reply]

ALOHA Christina!! I'm so glad you saw me on Living Aloha and are following my blog -- I'm following yours too, and catching up on your blog posts! Thanks for the comment love--and come visit Angie and I in paradise;)

Suz - you are so right, I've been slacking in the photo department lately! I need to get better at charging my iPhone more - oops! Stoked for all your upcoming races!!

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