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Recapping the bf's visit from May has been a lot of fun--we had quite the adventure on his week long mini-vacay to my humble abode..

Returning from Hana, we were officially ready to relax. The bf's departure date was sneaking up on us, and it felt as though we were constantly on the go--so Thursday we slowed down.

We woke up early and went to the beach... I had paddling practice and I really wanted to get him in the boat so he could experience a taste of what I love to do everyday...

I wasn't sure what we were doing or who would show up, which ultimately determined whether the bf had a seat. It turned out we had just enough people that showed up to take out two boats, and we were just doing a few miles of DTS's -- a perfect day to throw my man in my boat!

I was so excited, but the bf was a little nervous -- he didn't want to "embarrass me" he admitted later;) Too cute! 

Anyway, we gave him a quick run through--sat him in the boat on land prior to getting wet and taught him the basics: how to hold the paddle, how to properly stroke, how the hut-hou works, and how to make changes.. 

We all stood by our seats, lifted the boats, and dropped 'em in the water. We put the bf in my boat and I was like a kid in a candy store. I was so happy this was working out how I envisioned it.  

I'm a stroker, so I sit seat one and couldn't watch my man do his thing--but the entire time he was watching his woman! Well, I suppose he should have been watching the paddler in the seat in front of him, but all is well as long as timing is kept--and my steersman said he rocked it! I'm experienced enough to feel the boat and it felt great the entire time!

There is nothing worse than an inexperienced steersman who constantly pokes--it drags the boat making it feel like the e-breaks are on and if they can't keep their line you might as well double, triple, quadruple your paddling mileage for that run! It's also frustrating if you're in a boat with an inexperienced paddler who can't keep their timing--sitting in seat one I'm super sensitive to everything that happens in the boat, and if we're all not paddling as one, the boat will never run or fly. 

My main squeeze made me very proud, and to celebrate our first practice together we went to the Gazebo to refuel...

This picture was snatched from Heather's Dish!! Thanks girl! Meet you there?
The line was of course ridiculous due to the time of morning, wrapping around the pool leading past the stairs.. So I did my sneaky local thing and 15 minutes later we were enjoying our delicious food with a 20-million dollar view!

After relaxing a bit we decided to take a stroll on Front Street...

We cruised from one end to the other, mostly window shopping until we found ourselves in Quiksilver! Thank goodness I have friends and family offering to hook up their amazing discounts!

The bf is just a few more purchases away from successfully updating his beach garb, which makes me very happy wahine! Growing up in a beach town on an island, we seriously know our beach wear and cringe at some of the stuff people sport. If you're ever in doubt about acceptable beach-y clothes, simply visit a surf know: Quiksilver, Roxy, Volcom, Billabong, Hurley, etc. They are all safe and have surf, ski, skate type of gear.

To celebrate his successful shopping and literally getting half off of everything, we stopped at the best shave ice place on Maui...

The bf ordered a pink lemonade and I still haven't strayed from my rootbeer/vanilla + ice cream float -- it's epic!

Then my man surprised me with the sweetest gift ever!

Thanks Lover!

Aren't they beautiful?! I think I scared him with my initial reaction--I didn't scream and shout "I love them!" like I should have because I consider sunglasses to be a personal item--you have to try a thousand on before committing, and get used to the new look--and I was scared they wouldn't "look good" on me after all the money and effort he went through!

It also meant sidelining these babies, which I've been sporting for 4+ years! They were hammered though, and I'm pretty sure he was sick of hearing me complain about all the scratches and he literally surprised me with the Versace replacement! I was very excited even though my reaction was slightly delayed a few seconds while I digested and put my new eyes on. And wouldn't you know it--I could finally see clearly! Thanks babe!

We ended up going to the beach...

We had the entire beach to ourselves and it was so much fun to just be together. We walked from one end to the other, took silly pictures, looked for shells and just enjoyed the beauty around us...

I looked back and saw both of our footprints in the sand and it left me feeling nostalgic... I was very thankful for the time we were spending together and the priceless memories we were creating. We continued to walk with our fingers entwined and appreciated each other's presence.

We decided to go to Kobe's for dinner and sat at the sushi bar--it's our favorite--it's so yummy!

Salmon Skin Hand Roll
We started with sake shots and moved on to miso soup, then ordered the above and were ready for bed! We had plans to go see a movie, but call us grandma and grandpa--we were exhausted!

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Oooh, I knew nothing of these new sunglasses. They look awesome!

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Now I am majorly craving some sushi!

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