"It's Ok" #1

When I first saw this I totally wanted to jump on board--then I lost where I originally found it--and just found it again! I've officially linked up with Amber & Neely to avoid making the same mistake twice, and encourage you to do the same! 

It's ok...

..That I'd prefer to buy a new Louis Vuitton bag instead of going to storage and enduring that debacle of finding a needle in the hay stack...I know what boxes they are in--but where are those boxes?! 

..That I never learn to pay for Amazon's expedited shipping, even though I know it takes forever to get anything from them.

..That I'll buy books at Barnes & Noble in the interim, and return them once my shipment(s) arrive.

..That I take advantage of fully utilize Costco's return policy.

..That I'll try things on at the store, and wait to buy them online if I can find them for less.

..That I have over $500 accumulated in my Under Armour Shopping Cart and don't have immediate plans on "checking out".

..That I sound ridiculously cheap, yet will clearly spend hundreds of dollars on Louis Vuitton!

What do you think is OK today? 
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Suz and Allan said... [Reply]

This awesome! I may have to link up on this next one next week. I've had something in the works for today's post for a couple of weeks. Be excited!

Christina @ The Athletarian said... [Reply]

I am equally obsessed with LV. I have a serious problem. It's good to know I'm not alone!

I think it's ok to eat Nutella out of the jar with my finger today :) (oops)

Amber said... [Reply]

Haha! I love that you bought a new LV :) Thanks so much for linking up!

Neely said... [Reply]

I want a new LV! Thanks for linking up!

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