Vegas [Day] 4 - Part I

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Day three turned into an amazing food-fest-be-lazy-take-naps kind of day, so Day four, our last day in Sin City, we hit the ground running..

We leisurely woke up, and again, I was greeted with this amazingness from my wonderful boyfriend...

Grande Non-Fat Cappuccino w/Blueberry Scone
We left our hotel on a mission with only one question: "Left, or Right?" We planned on canvasing the entire Strip, and were ready to Shop Until We Dropped!

...We began our walk heading toward Mandalay Bay with later intentions of eating at RM Seafood so we could try something I saw on that show, "The Best Thing I Ever Ate -- Vegas Edition" -- this particular dish was right up the bf's alley, and well, Adam and Oprah were raving about it; but more on that later...

If you know Vegas at all, you know it changes over night, and the last time we had been to Vegas was Summer of '09. Even then, we drove in late and left early--barely having time to shit, shower, and shave. ..TMI?

Anyway, City Center is finished, did you know that? It's AMAZING. I only cared about Louis Vuitton because it is the Promised Land a Flagship store...

I heart Louis Vuitton... We are very close, and have an unconditional, loyal-for-eternity type of relationship, and it just felt like home in the three stories of chicness. I'm not sure what the bf was thinking exactly, but I was in my comfort-zone and my eyes were darting everywhere, looking for my next purchase.. I held his hand so he couldn't run, and we slowly walked around covering every square-foot of the top floor.
Pont-Neuf PM
We made friends with the Manager on the Second floor, which is where all the jewelry and watches are--and the Charm Bracelet caught my eye--well, the case it was in actually caught my eye first.. Our new friend was all about me trying it on, and I wasn't going to stop him...

Cadenas et clés
Sexy, right? I KNOW!!

When our new BFF found out I was from Hawai'i, he was so excited to show me the Hawai'i inspired Charm and wanted to put it on the bracelet so I'd get the full effect...

Pink Surf Charm; Yes Please!
Can I just say it looked PHENOMENAL on me--I absolutely loved it. I couldn't decide if I was a Gold Gal or a White Gold Gal.. tough decisions, you know!

Which do you prefer?
Since I was walking around very comfortably with about $18K worth of Louis Vuitton, the bf was definitely on edge--a little shifty, and I could feel his aura oozing anxiety.. I exasperated a sigh and said we better take this off before I buy it;)

Here's what else I'd like to add to this beautiful Charm Bracelet..

Mom, is this not PERFECT!?



My favorite Vegas game:)
We continued chatting and somehow my birthday came up and our AWESOME friend insisted we celebrate with champagne..

Only the BEST!
I was doubly bubbly excited because of course the bf doesn't like champagne, so two for me, none for him--right? Wrong! He LOVED this champagne, and well, why wouldn't he--it's the best. If you don't like champagne btw--this is the bottle to learn to like. Mmm!

We made our way down to the first floor--the men's floor--with our bubblies in hand, and continue to canvas every square foot.

I truly LOVE Louis, and I wanted the boyfriend to love Louis, too, or at least appreciate my love for Louis...

Happy Birthday | Merry Christmas | Happy Anniversary | I Love You | Glad You're You!
I think he started to understand when he saw this wallet. The excitement I saw in his morphed demeanor when he picked up this wallet.. it literally made me giddy inside. Him, too, I think.

After being in LV for who knows how long, and drinking veuve clicquot on empty stomachs, it was time to head over to Mandalay Bay and try some RM Seafood...

We decided to split lunch, because we still had to try another place for dinner and I didn't want to be too full. We started with a corn chowder...

Random, but very tasty
And then we ordered the dish that brought us here...

Catfish Sloppy Joe
The boyfriend is nothing short than obsessed with Catfish, and although some things are better left where they belong (the South) I thought this spin on a Sloppy Joe would be the taste he was looking for!

Even though it was on "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" and Oprah was supposedly raving about it... it wasn't the Best Thing We Ever Ate... It was good, but it wasn't great. It lacked the main ingredient, the star of the show: Catfish!!

I was so bummed, and thought maybe it was my fault since we split it, but he swore up and down he cut it perfectly and made sure the portions were equal. The Sloppy Joe itself was yummy, I even nibbled on the chips and pickle, which complimented the sandwich nicely--but the bf was right... this scoop lacked Catfish. Bummer.

That's okay, we got over it and continued our Shop Till We Drop plan...

Come back tomorrow and find out why we ended up at Tiffany's...

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Cait said... [Reply]

omg what a fun time you were having :) love love love vegas! i can't wait to hear what happened in Tiffany!

Nessa @ island style running said... [Reply]

I can totally picture the ENTIRE Louis scene! and yes, I totally agree that the pineapple is perfect for you!!

you could always buy the charms first =)

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