Hau'oli La Makuahine!!

Happy Mother's day to all the fantastic Mom's out there! I have a LOT of Family and Friends who are wonderful Mommies, and I am so thankful to be part of their world:)

I also happen to have a very AWESOME Mom of my own! I promised you in yesterday's post that I would be bragging about my beautiful Mom for Mother's Day, and that this would be the most personal post I published to-date. I am keeping that promise, and I am very excited to share with you the very woman who has made me the woman I am today. 

Have you noticed as you get older your perspective changes? I remember when I was about 15 years old I saw my Mom in a new light. She was still my Mom of course, but I acknowledged that she was also a Daughter, a Sister, an Auntie, a Wife.. not just my Mom. In addition to all those things and being my Mom, I saw what an amazing woman she truly is.

One of my favorite things to do is go through her old photos, and run down memory lane with her.. In my younger years I would often get caught snooping in the back room of my Grandparents house looking through a giant chest filled with old photos and cards..

Those photos were of my Mom's Mom, and her life as Daughter, Sister, Girlfriend, and eventually Wife, Mother, and Grandma... Pictures upon pictures of the life they had.

.. These two very stunning, assertive, amazing women have done so much for their family, and their kids--it's no wonder Hallmark created a holiday celebrating Mothers.

Of course there are amazing men behind these beautiful ladies, and sure they helped craft some gorgeous children, but let's face it; Father's Day is in June... ;)

I'd like to introduce to you, my Grandma "Vicki" ~ My Mom's Mom..

Victoria Elizabeth August 1946
Isn't she gorgeous? I have been going through pictures upon pictures this week, and I have found tons of pictures of my Grandma and Grandpa from when they were my age (or even younger). They were the sweetest couple... their love story runs deep, and is so romantic, you would think it was straight out of a movie! However, that beautiful--and tragic--story is for another post; for now, let's look at the gorgeous girls they created!

Here is a picture of my My Auntie, My Mom, and My Grandma! Even after having two kids my Grandma is sportin' a tiny waist! Wasn't she a dish!

On a Ferry Boat in Norfolk Virginia | August 1956
In this picture my Mom is the shorty, then my beautiful Grandma, and Auntie..

August 1956 | Virginia

Gorgeous women, right?! ..I KNOW!! So flippin' cute.. I love seeing my Mom as a little girl:)

December 1959
My Auntie & My Mom:)
My Grandma & Mom:) | O'ahu July 1972

Me--I mean, My Mom! | O'ahu July 1972 
I posted this picture on facebook and all my friends were tripping out! My Mom and I look SO MUCH alike in this picture, it's ridiculous. We are twins living in different decades!!

Mama & I have ASSets!!
My Mom is quite the firecracker, and this picture displays both our personalities to a "T" ...Trouble?

--Nah! More like Angel...

Mama at a Luau:)
My Mom LOVES the ocean just as much as I do and spent all her time at the beach when she could. Blond hair, blue eyes, tanned skin... watch out world!

Beach Bunny!
This is the beach my Mom ALWAYS went to before she had to work in the evenings. My Dad caught on to that real quick, and would meet her for a swim. ..go get her Dad!

Well, Hello There!
Mom was a Beach Bum--er--Beach Bunny by day...

Beachin' it before work:)
..And cocktail server by night!

My Mom & Grandma at Chuck's in Waikiki
Mama knew what was up.. This is definitely the life! [winning!]

Here's a picture of my Mom and Grandma (A.K.A. Best Friends!) at our Cabin in Long Beach, Washington... Always having fun together!

They were Best Friends, too:)
The 80's. OBVIOUSLY!
Isn't it great when your Mom morphs into your Best Friend? My Mom has ALWAYS been my Mom, but she is also my very Best Friend! We have the luckiest relationship because I know it is a rarity to be so close to your Mom, not everyone is. My Mom knows when to be my Mom, my Best Friend, my Business Partner, and so many more roles. She is an incredible woman. I would be happy if I was even half of the woman she is!

This is a picture of my Mom with my other Grandma, My Dad's Mom! She is also an amazing woman! She popped out four BOYS and still sports a petite frame. She is so young in this picture, I might have to start snooping around her photos, too;)

My Mom's Wedding Day ~ 
How special for my Mom to have a solid relationship with her Mother In Love (they don't say Mother-In-Law!) Two awesome Mom's in your life? Yes please! I hope if I ever get married, I also have a great relationship with my Mother-In-Love:) 

A few years after getting married, my Mom found herself eligible to partake in the Mother's Day celebration....

Beautiful Pregnant Mama:)
I'm not sure if this picture is when she was pregnant with my Brother, or with Me--but how cute is she all preggers!

As I get older, I catch myself remembering my youth, and all these amazing memories I have. I'm sure my Mom does the same thing, with even more memories to revel in. When she looks at my Brother and I, all grown, I'm sure she wonders where the time went.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!
One thing that will never change is the love and respect we have for our Mom. We realize she is a Daughter, a Sister, a Wife, an Auntie..and so many more roles--and she will always be our Mom. It is with great privilege we call our Mom, "Mom" ..She is always there for us, an ear to listen, a shoulder to lean on, our encourager and cheerleader, our comfort and grace.. She truly is the best Mom ever

Hau`oli La Makuahine to the best Mom in the world - When God chose you to be MY Mom, I became the LUCKIEST daughter on earth:)

Happy Mothers Day Mommy!!

There are hardly any words to describe how much you mean to me. You are my BEST FRIEND and it is truly a privilege to call you MOM!

I am so thankful I am on island this year and we get to celebrate this special day honoring you and all that you do...together

Enjoy every minute of your day today as it should be ALL ABOUT YOU!

Love you so much!

Your Daughter,


Maunaleo by Keali'i Reichel:

He aloha no 'o Maunaleo
I lohia e ke kilihuna
Kohu 'ahu 'ao no ka uka
He kamalani kamaehu kau i ka hano e
He kamalei, kamahiwa pa i ka lani e
Ka lani e

Po'ohina i ka 'ohu kolo
Kahiko no ka poli 'olu
Apo 'is e na kualono
He hi'ina, hi'ialo, aloha e
Hi'ipoli, hi'ilei, hi'ilani e
Hi'ilani e

Eia ku'u lei aloha
No Maunaleo i ka nani
'Ohu'ohu i ka Maile
He kamalani, kamaehu kau i ka hano e
He kamalei, kamahiwa pa i ka lani e
Ka lani e

No Maunaleo ke aloha ku i ka la'i e
Aloha e, aloha e

English Translation:

Beloved indeed in Maunaleo
Sparkling in the light, wind-blown rain
A finely woven cloak for the highlands
A cherished one, respected for power and strength
Esteemed, treasured, touched by heaven

Capped by the silver of the rolling mists
An adornment for that gentle heart
Embraced by the surrounding ridges
One to hold close, to hold near, to love
One dear to the heart, precious, exalted

This is my garland of affection
For Maunaleo in its beauty
Glorified by the Mälie breeze
A cherished one, respected for power and strength
Esteemed, treasured, touched by heaven

For Mauanleo is the serenity of deep love
Beloved are you, beloved indeed

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Suz and Allan said... [Reply]

I love all the pictures you shared! You two look so much alike it's crazy. Hope all of you had a wonderful Mother's Day together!

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said... [Reply]

The older I get the more I act like my mom, which is awesome, to me, because she one of the best people I know.

Muncher Cruncher said... [Reply]

Guess what?!!? You won my may mix music giveaway!!
I love all the pics of your mom! DARLING! xoxoxo

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