Trading Places

I am very happy with who I am and honestly wouldn't want to be anyone else in the world.. but for the sake of this 30-day photo challenge, and participating in it's entirety.. Let's talk about Carrie Underwood:)

[Day Three - Let's Trade Places for a Day!] 
I have always liked Carrie Underwood. I have watched her success since she was on American Idol in 2005, and think she has an amazing voice. I also think she has grown to be a beautiful young woman, with a good head on her shoulders; I see a humble superstar with a real big heart. As a fellow Christian I can tell she puts God first, and that is huge for someone who has had so much success in so little time--and she's not slowing down!

For my birthday last year my boyfriend took me to her concert in Birmingham, Alabama. It.Was.Amazing! Carrie Underwood puts on a GREAT concert--she is a phenomenal entertainer, so if you ever have the opportunity: GO to her concert. She had probably eight or more costume changes and really cool props! There is nothing better than going to a concert of someone you like and finding out their voice is even BETTER live. So many other times I have been let down by live performances, grading them as average, or mediocre, but Carrie's voice is naturally ridiculous. She belts out notes I wish I could! Her songs are so contagious I can't help but sing and would be so lucky to have that voice of hers for a day! 

Here are a few pictures of her concert we went to in May/June of last year...

Extensive stage work ~ Carrie came from under the stage, beginning her concert all sexy and intimate style.  
Another Costume Change and a GIANT Swing--so.flippin'.cool! It elevated her pretty high... This picture was when she either just got on or was about to get off the swing. 
Sick Truck--so jealous! It was on a ceiling track and scaled the audience. Carrie is obviously NOT afraid of heights!    
Carrie's tour seems to involve A LOT of people, and with such extensive and technical on/off stage responsibility, it can't be easy--that is A LOT of accountability. I know it is a ton of hard work to set up/run an event successfully/break-down from working Banquets and Catering, and don't envy the pressure of her nightly performances. I give her and everyone involved major kudos! 

It's amazing to me how much success Carrie has earned since her time on American Idol. Her fame was inevitable regardless of the show, as in just five years she has literally transformed into a Superstar (in my opinion) while still maintaining her Okie Roots. 

While I can't shouldn't sing, and have hard enough times running meetings (I loathe the spot light), I'm sure if I traded places with Carrie for a day that would not be a problem. I actually think I'd be quite surprised to see what a day in the life of Carrie entails.

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I also love Carrie Underwood!! Good pick!!

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