For some reason, I have always had a problem answering questions that include, "What's your favorite.." because people? I don't discriminate... I like a lot of things! It's very hard for me to commit to a favorite. However.. certain "favorite" questions have a hands-down, no-doubt-about-it answer. Favorite color? Purple. Sure, I also LOVE orange.. blue.. red.. yellow.. green.. but my FAVORITE color is Purple.  

So, for the 30-day photo challenge of posting a picture of the cast from my favorite show, let's just say the hardest part was finding my favorite photo of these guys...

Friends.. Could this show BE any more awesome?!
My favorite show in the whole wide world is and will always be: Friends! I have watched every season, every episode, and would win any trivia game about this show. I love the cast, their characters, their acting, the writers, the fact that they're in New York..which could be the subconscious reason why I Heart New York so much! Also.. I love the intro and I HAVE TO CLAP! I could be in a conversation, in another room etc. etc. and if I hear the intro to this epic show I WILL clap at the appropriate time! Call me crazy.. it's my thing.

Since the GENIUS invention of DVR, netflix, and downloading (what?!) I have become quite the TV junkie. Here are some other shows (in no particular order) I love and you'll most likely find stocked up in my DVR list...

I love every season & every character. Pretty sure I started watching it because of Greg Montgomery Aaron Hotchner. Bummed about Prentiss this season..

I've been a fan since the very first episode! LOVE these guys! Can you believe that's Doogie Howser? Bwahahaha!

They had me at "Timothy Olyphant"
Bummer if you don't have Showtime, it's ridiculously addicting..
I've only watched seasons one and two so far and I'm HOOKED!
I remember Alex when he was on a Criminal Minds Episode.. Love this cast and their characters. I enjoyed watching this show while on the mainland, and still love it now that I'm home. The scenery/cinematography is great to marvel. Lucky we live Hawai'i Nei.. 

The first episode I ever saw was the season finale of season one..obviously I was hooked after the last 60 seconds of THAT! Unfortunately I'm now about three seasons behind, as the last season I remember watching Izzy was around--and healthy. I'm pulling a Tarantino style of getting back into it by watching the current season. I'll catch up later..
This used to be just the BF's show.. I would always do homework or other things while this show was on and inevitably I got hooked. I really enjoy ir now and look forward to Monday Nights--I just wish Castle and Beckett would get together already..
This was ALSO a show just for the BF... but I'm hooked. Call me a nerd, but the writers are hilarious! I don't know.. maybe my IEEE boyfriend has rubbed off on me..
Love these guys. I wish they'd just be together already, too. 
Love.This.Show! I love Lawyer shows--not all of them, but this one? Yes. 
Again, if you don't have Starz, HBO, Showtime etc. that's a big bummer because this show is reason enough to pay extra. This is a picture of the first season.. our star (Spartacus) in real life got cancer and is/has been undergoing treatment and is recovering, thus the second season being a prequel. This show is filled with testosterone and sex. If it doesn't make you want to workout, something is wrong with you. And would you believe I STILL haven't seen the movie Gladiator? What is WRONG with me?! 
The BF & I weren't real big fans of this show in the beginning (I hat(ed) how they never told each other anything aka LIED) but the story line seems to be getting better with every new episode. You'll notice the Mom is from Dexter.. 
Simon Baker. You genius. 
This show is hysterical. Every episode is funnier than the last. 30 minutes is just not enough sometimes. 
I used to LOVE this show.. Lately I haven't been stoked on it tho:( ..It seems Adam has become unbearably stupid(er), and Audrey's ex-co-worker-neighbor is not funny to me and is driving me CRAZY. Maybe I'll just catch the reruns if I get too fed up..until then, I'll still watch it. 
Speaking of reruns, I used to only catch the reruns of this show on my lunchbreak when they would run the marathons on A&E--I got sucked in, but now I'm seasons upon seasons behind and have found myself catching the reruns again!
I used to watch these episodes new but have become I don't know how many seasons behind. I love the actors/characters and that they're in New York, so I'll always watch reruns:)
I never had HBO and didn't start watching Sex and the City until maybe 4-5 years ago? I would watch it when it would come on TBS around 11PM or midnight and got hooked.. it was a great weeknight routine of watching before bed. I miss that!
What happened to this show?? I really liked it! The second season threw me for a loop, but I still watched it. 
And what happened to this show?!?! I used to *not like it* but tolerated it as the BF's favorite show and ENDED UP LOVING IT!! That was right around the time it disappeared.. what's up with that?! We're convinced show's get moved the Friday's to DIE. Sad day!
Who knows if I missed any, I told you there was a lot! TV junkie! Thank you DVR!! Ours certainly works over time, because those are just MY shows! Sometimes there are schedule conflicts and I'll have to track episodes down...

What is your all time favorite show? What are other shows you're addicted to, that I would find on your DVR or TiVo list?

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Tara said... [Reply]

You and my best friend would hit it off with your love of Friends!

The boyfriend and I watch HIMYM, Modern Family, and Dexter. I watch Greys and S&TC!

Jennʻs Adventureʻs said... [Reply]

..How did you feel about last Thursdays Grey's Anatomy episode?

Cait said... [Reply]

ahhhh FRIENDS + SEX AND THE CITY = LOVE LIFE AND HAPPINESS haha. ohh funny thing- Kay Panabaker, who plays the daughter on No Ordinary Family- is the younger sister of Danille Panabaker (duh) and I went to highschool with her ;) haha we still talk here n there but i had throw that plug in there ;) have a great tuesday !

Jennʻs Adventureʻs said... [Reply]

Cait that's really cool! I remember her from another show that ended up getting cancelled--but No Ordinary Family seems to be kicking it up a notch--She's come a long way, I'm happy for her & her family!

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