Waikiki Weekend of Grindz

In January I met up with some friends on Oʻahu to see Chelsea Handler, and while we were there we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves via food and drink... Here are a few noteworthy treats I thought Iʻd share:)

As soon as I landed, my forever friend Island Style Running, Mrs. L, took us straight to Big City Diner where we ordered these two AMAZING Midori Margaritaʻs! We were non-stop chatting since we hadn't seen each other in God knows how long--and I especially remember being overwhelmed by BCDʻs menu! I ended up ordering the Salmon Salad and I believe Mrs. L ordered the Big City Club Sandwich? Both were DELICIOUS! Clearly, the star of this show were these fantastic beverages. And while I know we had two, the question is...did we actually have three?! Ha!

After our wonderful lunch we strolled around Victoria Ward and eventually started our evening with this smooth bottle of Red from Paso Robles... I am quite the wine snob when it comes to RED vino...but I must say, this 2007 Vintage had me at hello!

It became a liquid-diet from that point on as we rushed to get ready to see Chelsea Handler, and well, we all know she prefers cocktails over entrees! We ended our night at The Edition, and this was the drink of choice. It was a refreshing Brazilian delight.. A mixture of deliciousness, topped with coconut cream and cucumber for garnish. This picture blows, I know--apologies!

The following morning we leisurely woke up craving some Honolulu Coffee Company java. The girls were planning on getting Korean Massages, and my modest self was opting OUT... preferring to shop till I dropped at Ala Moana seemed to suit my needs at that time (I actually did end up getting a Korean Massage with them--future blog post, I promise!). So we trotted over to the Moana Surfrider and stood in this "Only in Hawaiʻi" line... No shirt, No shoes, No problem!

And this is how I officially started my day... an iced non-fat latte + muffin--it was perfect!

We didn't see food until about Happy Hour at the Sheraton Waikiki where we literally scarfed a Fish Taco en route to our next destination. I donʻt know who ordered these fish tacos Iʻm referring to, or even how much they were, OR WHAT! But Iʻm telling you right...it was the best poolside fish taco I have EVER had. It could have been because I was starving, but weʻll stick with my first theory! So we met up with some friends here, chatted a bit and I slowed down to snap a picture of our beautiful tropical beach city!

Because we were SO hungry by the time we got to our next destination (the Yard House) we ordered tons of tasty pupuʻs (appetizers), and the Jambalaya for our entree...but I could only capture the Jambalaya because by the time it hit our table we had finally "calmed down". Iʻm telling you... donʻt mess with starving women! Weʻll bite or stab your hand if itʻs in the way;)

The following day I finally got some shopping in at Ala Moana... and as tradition would have it, we took a break at Nordyʻs Bistro and split an amazing Cranberry Turkey sandwich (roasted turkey, cranberry chutney, alfalfa sprouts, and havarti cheese on toasted multigrain ciabatta)

..And an unbelievably d-lish Blue Cheese & Pear salad (organic baby greens, romaine lettuce, blue cheese crumble, pear, candied walnuts, with champagne vinaigrette) Nom, Nom, Nom!!!

We continued our "shop till we drop" routine and conveniently ran into the Honolulu Coffee Company at juuuust the right time--Cappuccino-Time!! I usually dazzle my cappuccinoʻs with cinnamon, but this hot tasty delight needed no additions as it was pure PERFECTION!! Again, it may have been perfect timing for a "pick-me-up" ...but Iʻm all about giving credit where creditʻs due, and the Honolulu Coffee Company has GREAT tasting java!!! I know thereʻs no evidence here--but I swear I even ordered another iced non-fat latte for the road! (addicted much?)

What a healthy lunch and mid-afternoon treat, right? Well our dinner was ridiculous--an utter debacle. We were craving the Cheesecake Factory, and wanted non-other than: Cheesecake. Well, desert in general would be more accurate as our sweet-tooth is not prejudice. Mrs. L balanced the situation by starting with crab cakes--and she said they were delicious!

But me and Leah dove right in to the desert... Leah ordered Apple Crisp ala mode,

..and I committed to the Red Velvet Cheesecake ..

Mrs. L ordered the Tiramisu Cheesecake... And we were all very happy ladies!!

And here is one of the main reasons we extended our visit to Oʻahu: BLT Steakhouse......... I had never heard of this place, nor had I ever eaten there, and my previous-vegetarian-converted-carnivore-sister-friend, Leah, RAVED about this place, claiming it to be her all time FAVORITE restaurant, and "Oh my God we have to eat there!" So of course, extremely excited to experience a new restaurant, I hailed a taxi and we b-lined it to the Trump Towers.

What an experience. I canʻt wait to go there again and order up a bunch of different things, but this late night we ordered what Leah always gets--and I completely understand why--itʻs simply AMAZING!

These popovers were ridiculous! Hot, fresh out of the oven, served with perfectly whipped butter, and Sea Salt! At first I was hesitant; "What? No way! We put SALT on this!?" ...Do it! Donʻt you dare eat this and not put butter AND salt on EVERY BITE. Itʻs a party in your mouth. Oh yeah!

We started with this huge Chopped Veggie Salad, perfect to split.... UHHH-MAZING

And for our main course, we split this Medium-Rare Filet... Mmmm, look at this monster! Perfectly prepared with pieces of rock sea-salt sprinkled through out... soooooooooooooooo good! Nom Nom Nom!

And we didnʻt stop there... We happened to have a VERY cute Server....in fact all of the Serverʻs there seemed to be very attractive, come to think of it. Anyway, our attractive server was very persuasive and [hardly] twisted our arm for this:

Seriously?! What. In. The. World?! It was Heaven! It reminded me of a Reeseʻs Peanut Butter Cup with hot chocolate sauce all over it and scrumptious ice cream on top to cool it all down! So flippinʻ good! A perfect way to end our night--a perfect way to end our amazing trip!!

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