Chronicles of the iPhone 4 (Part II)

In a previous post I ranted about my most-of-the-time-brillant boyfriendʻs carelessness with his iPhone 4...

You can read about that here.  The short of the long of it: We were driving back to Huntsville from Auburn one weekend--stopped for gas, and the phone disappeared (wait, what?!) ..I posted a picture of what the phone looked like when we found it.. Sad day!

But my handy-dandy electronics engineer can fix anything, right? So he ordered some parts, performed minor surgery, and voila.. fixed iPhone 4. Awesome.

Well... a couple weekends ago, returning home, yet again from Auburn en route to Huntsville my now most-of-the-time-not-brillant boyfriend does it again!!

Seriously?! What NOW!?

He accidentally puts his [3rd $300 iPhone 4] in a cup of water!

How, the?!


His third iPhone 4 people. Third! How is this even possible when Apple just released it the end of June?


My oblivious lover definitely didnʻt see this one coming.
He was the road warrior this trip and when we finally made it to Birmingham, he was in the far left lane needing to be in the far right lane in order to make the turn to our friendʻs house. He routinely put his iPhone in his cup holder, got us safely to the far right lane, and we even made our turn. Parking and then blindly gathering some of our things, thatʻs when I saw it. His iPhone 4 was in an undesired bath of water...


The worst (best?) part is he didnʻt even notice! I didnʻt see it happen, so the phone was literally marinating in the cup of water for a solid five minutes! Hmm. How do you suppose he fixed it this time? He decided to leave it on the dashboard of the car so the sun could heat it and naturally dry. We were almost late for a Soccer Tournament, so heʻd have to deal with it later.

When later finally came he noticed the phone was super hot, and the LED light wouldnʻt turn off--the phone was toast. I probably shouldnʻt provide details on how he ended up fixing it, but he did fix it. And I must say, however, he is getting better at taking iPhones apart and putting them back together.

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