Aloha E Komo Mai ~ Welcome!

Aloha Everyone!

Thank you for visiting my revamped blog, Iʻm glad you found me here at my new address! I am very excited to launch this new site as the other one just wasnʻt doing it for me. This one feels right, more my style, and I think it represents my personality way better. What do you think?

As usual, a continue work in progress, and while I try to post daily, I sometimes canʻt. So please catch up on previous blog posts if this is your first time here, subscribe/follow, and Iʻd love to hear from you--so donʻt be shy--leave me comments!

Feedback, suggestions, advice--always appreciated!

♥ jenjen

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theAlmostRunner said... [Reply]

ummm... THANK YOU for mentioning the nasty lint bomb i pulled out of the dryer. SERIOUSLY... i was shocked that no one was talking about it. right? hahaha

Mrs. L @ island style running said... [Reply]


i HEART this new blog!!

Love love love the designs...

I may have to pull the friend card and have you help me out on my layout.

But of course I'll pay you. Maybe not with real money. But perhaps chocolate/coffee/Hinano will work?

Jennʻs Adventureʻs said... [Reply]

LOL!! I have never seen that much lint come out of a dryer @ one time--very impressive!!

And, Um...Did someone say HINANO?!?!?! YES PLEASE!! Iʻll do whatever you want!! =P

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