365 Days Later.. .

I havenʻt seen my Dad since October 2009!!

Itʻs literally been A YEAR since I  last saw/hugged my Dad!! That makes me sick to my tummy!!

I remember last October, flying from Alabama to California to meet up with  him for some unfinished business, and to finalize a few deals. Then we both  jumped on a flight up to Seattle together to see family... I hung out for like a  day and half before I had to fly back to Alabama...

I flew home to Maui for New Years, but Dad was still in Seattle because  Grammies health was no bueno.. ..I ended up extending my trip about five  more days(?) hoping Iʻd at least get to say Hi and Bye, before getting back to Alabama... And I swear, not a couple days after I left, Dad finally made it back to Maui for a bit--we juuuuust missed each other!!

I have a lot to be thankful for though... My Daddy is alive, heʻs healthy, and I may get to see him for Thanksgiving?? If not... Definitely Christmas/New Years...and by then, it will have been +/- 1.5 years since we saw each other. This is completely out of character for my family, and I think thatʻs really what the big deal is. Weʻre all so close, and I feel out in left field in the central time zone. Itʻs winter folks, and that means itʻs time to fly WEST!!

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